Friday, February 26, 2016

Its Been A Minute..

It has been fooooorever since ive sat down to write. I feel like I needed a little break from blogging because life was just going by so quickly and i wanted to enjoy and soak up more time being present with my family, not thinking at all about when i would have time to sit down and type out my thoughts/feelings etc because i already have so much on my plate.  I battle having enough time daily to spend intentional time with my kids, spend time alone with God, clean, spend time with my husband, me time, cook, work, etc. I feel like i will never have enough time in the day to do everything id like to do, and its just about accepting that and knowing what i get done is enough & putting my focus on whats really important, i showed up and loved on my family. So anyhow, a break was needed and appreciated and always helps me refocus on why I have this tiny space here. I never want this blog to ever be about anything other than these few things: community, encouragement, support, fun, and a place for me to process and share because thats healing and good for the soul. There were many times i missed writing and wanted to hop back on here. So thats what this will be like now that i have 2 littles at home, theres much less me time to get on a computer and share. SO, ill be hopping on here when i can, and that'll be enough. (:  

Thats all i wanted to share today, as i hadnt shared where i went the past couple months, and i know some of you were wondering if I was going to continue with this blog.  Love this mama community and I am grateful for all of the relationships i've made with you ladies.