Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all you lovelies. I have been slacking on posts lately because my charger has been broken to my lap top so we have been waiting on the new one I ordered online and in the mean time I've been using my iPad (which is much more complicated when it comes to posting pics and typing). But I'm here and making it work for now! 

I am  thankful for so much this year, my husband, my son, our home, food to eat, healthy bodies, happy hearts, family that lives close and are my best friends, friends that I get to walk life with, my salvation, and I'm thankful for freedom from the things that use to keep me in shackles..thank you God for rescuing me. I am also profoundly thankful for my blogger fam! I love interacting with you all via Facebook, instagram, pinterest  and this lovely little online journal I call my blog. Community is what life is all about, fellowshipping and connecting with you guys is so special to me. I jut love sharing our life with such incredible people! For those of you I've had the chance to talk with , thank you for your love and support, for those of you I've yet to meet and chat with, let's get to it!

Yesterday was so much fun! It was Cash's first real holiday (if you don't count Halloween) and celebrating his first Turkey day was so much fun for these first time parents and and grand-parents. I can't wait to show you the generational photos we took with my entire family and all the grandkids. Cash is the youngest but he sure loves his cousins! His cousin Payten is 3 and she held him for the first time yesterday..its safe to say he was smitten. He locked eyes with her and never looked away. Cuteness to the max!

This little one is troubleee.. This was about the best shot we could get. She doesn't stop moving. She's the ultimate energizer bunny and I love her for it! 

We spent Brunch with my side of the family, which happens to be a circus! And we spent the late afternoon and evening with my husbands side of the fam..most of his parent's relatives live in beautiful Colorado so they get together with their California fam (a group of friends they've made a home with these past 20+ years). It's so fun to see everyone and mingle and catch up.  It's also more meaningful when you get to make a dish and see if everyone likes it! I made my kale broccoli slaw (I always try to bring a healthy element to the table on holiday feast days! There tends to be a lot of golden options but not a ton of greens!). You can check out the homemade recipe I posted here: Healthy Kale Broccoli Slaw Salad
We didn't get around to games this year..which happens to be one of my favorite things about holiday get-togethers! So I'll be praying for double the game time during Christmas and New Years festivities!!

What's your favorite thing to do when you spend the holidays at a family/friend/or work get-together? also, what's something you are Thankful for?
Uncle Garrett and little Parker

Cannan giving Cashy some love.

I love this family of mine.

Auntie Kelsey holding Cash.. i think shes pretty close to wanting another one.. dont ya think?

Aunty Courtney and Cash

Great grandma (Nana) holding Cash for the very first time. Melts my heart. 

 He just adores her & she cannot get enough of him... i cant wait to see him with our little princess in the future,.. whenever that is.

 Isnt my mother-in-law just the cutest? I love these two first time grand parents. They love my son so much & it makes me so happy

Im her little girl, and hes my little boy. My mama.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lipstick Shades for the Fall/Winter Season:

Lipstick Shades for the Fall/Winter Season:

I dont know about you gals but I sure am excited for the holiday season to begin! Its Thanksgiving this week & we are taking our family photos this coming weekend so I have been thinking a little more about fun winter looks & thought I'd share some makeup looks with you all. 

Here are three of my favorite lipstick shades to wear this season. I think its nice to change it up once in a while so I posted a few looks that i've tried recently and thought you girls might enjoy.  Id love to hear from you ladies what you like to wear, so stop by the comment section and let me know!

Mac "DIVA" lipstick is perfect for the holiday season. This is a great lipstick, its really fun to try a new look so whether you're going out with friends, going on a date, or celebrating the holidays with family its always nice to dress it up a bit and a dark berry lip will do the trick.

Premium Pink Revlon lip stain is my go to for my everyday look. It just gives me a pinch of color to brighten up the whole look. I only use a dab and i use my finger to smear it on. I can kiss my hubby & son all day long & it stays on for hours (without feeling chalky or sticky.. i top it off with chapstick).

This red lipstick is by Loreal & is called "Refined Ruby" (i added "lady bug" from Mac below and a couple other reds that i love). Its taken a while for me to find a red that i really LOVE for the holiday season and this one is my go to. Its a great drugstore find and is not expensive at all! You can go with a smokey eye or a more neutral eye. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Baby Boy Is 4 Months Old!

My Baby Boy Is 4 Months Old!

((Of course a picture overload & a 4 month old update))

17 Weeks

My sweet little boy,

My how you've changed! And so quickly! Other moms tried to prepare me for how fast you'd transform week by week, right in front of my eyes, but I couldn't possibly understand the truth of that until experiencing it myself. These past 4 months have been so beautiful and such a blessing & I say that not to imply that everything has been perfect but that you are perfect and have made our family so happy and whole

We are always excited to be woken up by you even if it's at 6am with this time change. Your sweet smile has gotten even sweeter as you've grown older, if that is even possible. You have learned to roll over, belly laugh (my absolute favorite!), smile a ton, you blow spit bubbles and purse your lips and it makes everyone around you laugh, you have mastered bringing toys to your mouth, you can actually enjoy tummy time now, you hold your head up without any trouble, you know who mama and daddy are, you are a curious little guy who loves to people watch the moment you leave the house, you make the most insanely adorable sounds (coos, screeches, and all sorts of laughs and cries), you wake at 4am to eat ..still ..(probably because you don't eat enough during the are Mr. curious and get distracted by your surroundings), you are still looking like your daddy's twin but people say you have my eyes (yes!, I hope I'm as cute as you), you know how to suck your thumb and often are shoving your hands into your mouth and drooling a TON (Dr. says you could be doing this for months before your first tooth breaks through). You have grown into such a handsome little bud who now fits into 4 month old clothes, even though you are still so teeny tiny you seem so much bigger to mama. Thank you for being such a wonderful baby. You are so calm at just the right moments and make leaving the house so easy for mommy. You take 3-4 naps a day and have gotten pretty good about falling asleep all on your own. I am one proud mom to be walking around with your sweet soul. 

I love the way you've changed, you are so much fun and fill our home with such love and joy with your playful spirit. My days with you are such a gift, each day you remind me what life is about. I see our Creator through you and in you. You literally take my breath away when I stair at you sometimes... you are so beautiful when you sleep, so beautiful when you smile, so beautiful when you need me, so beautiful how you trust, so beautiful the way you play, so beautiful with daddy, so beautiful as you learn, so so beautiful... There is no better word to describe you.  You are beautiful. You are the most magnificent beautiful being I have ever seen.   It warms my heart that God loves you even more than I. I'm forever thankful for you and cannot believe that God chose me to be your mama. 

Happy Four months my little beautiful peach. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Picks For Baby Products: Giggle Tree Toys

 Our Picks For Baby Products: Giggle Tree Toys

For 15% OFF Use COUPON CODE: TessaToys01 

I will always share with you all our picks for safe, fun, and adorable baby products! Im all about reading reviews on products we'll be using with Cash before purchasing them. And even better, I LOVE when my mama friends tell me from their personal experience what worked for them and what didn't.  So Im going to be doing more posts on baby friendly products that our family fully supports and hopefully we can share in this little blog community what products that all you other mamas and mamas-to-be enjoy. 

Today I'm reviewing GiggleTree Toys! GiggleTree is owned by the sweetest man named Walt. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee (LUCKKKKY, I know.. we'd love to live there but just could never make the move because of all the family we have here in California).  He has been crafting wooden toys for thirty years! He HANDCRAFTS them in his shop in Nashville and puts such heart and pride into the high quality of each of his creations.  

" The purpose of GiggleTree Toys is to foster creativity and imagination for the young and young at heart and I am lucky this brings me such great satisfaction. In my opinion, nothing is more important for a child than the opportunity to exercise their vivid imagination" - Walt Dula

He has all sorts of goodness on his Etsy shop! You MUST check it out (GiggleTree Toys click the link)

All items are NON-TOXIC, Hypoallergenic, all Reclaimed Solid wood, and finished with hand-rubbed Natural BeesWax!! 

Walt sent us some great items that I just couldn't wait to share with you all! He JUST created this adorable turtle that is colorful and vibrant and even Cash at 3 months old was infatuated and wanted to immediately pick it up and put it in his mouth.  I dont think this item is even out yet but it will be soon! We were so excited to test it, and we LOVED it! This little turtle comes with wooden wheels so when Cash is a bit bigger he'll be able to glide it across the floor (just like toy cars! and we know little boys love those!).  I felt so safe giving this over to the hands of my 3 month old.. i wasnt nervous at all about him chewing and sucking on every surface of the toy that he could find.  Even the paint is baby safe! I love the feeling of knowing im doing everything I can to protect my little angel from harm. And to know I can do that through giving him safe toys is just such an easy decision for me to make. Natural Wood toys are the way to go, especially at this age when everything goes into their mouths!

He also sent us an adorable Pterodactyl Dinosaur Wooden Toy. I love this because Im all about anything dino! I think dinosaurs are just he cutest and cant wait to teach Cash about when they inhabited our Earth & all the different types.  He can chew on this and play with his other toys with it. It'd also be a great gift for Christmas and you could even use it as a collectors item on a shelf in a childs room or nursery.  Its even finish with hand-rubbed NATURAL beeswax!! Can't get anymore baby friendly than that! I don't know about you but i'd way rather have my child chewing on natural products verses products that contain chemicals and plastic. Heres Canaan having some fun with the dino!

Canes making the dino fly ( ;

The last item he sent was for our little nephew Canaan. He just turned 1 so a walking grasshopper was the perfect little surprise for him to play with now that hes walking! This wooden grasshopper's appendages move as you pull the string! Its honestly the funniest and cutest thing to watch the boys get such a kick out of the grasshopper moving. Its too cute when Canaan see's it following behind him. They can also sit and play with it and pull on the legs etc.  These items are all very well made, safe, all reclaimed wood, non-toxic,  hypoallergenic products and safe for babies and kids of all ages.  They're durable and adorable! I highly recommend you check out his shop and all the wonderful little creatures he makes!

Again here is the link to his Etsy shop: GiggleTree Toys

For 15% OFF Use COUPON CODE: TessaToys01 

Your little would love to get their hands on these! Christmas is just next month so shop away!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Reflecting Back On Pregnancy & Thankfulness:

Reflecting Back On Pregnancy & Thankfulness:

"There is such a sweetness in being able to participate in creation"

I cannot believe this photo was taken almost a year ago. This was the day we shared we were pregnant with both of our families. I was 6 weeks pregnant and it was Thanksgiving day.  My heart is so happy looking back at that "me" and that "him".  We were newlyweds, it was just the two of us, and we had just found out that we were creating life inside my tummy & were able to share our secret with the people we love most. This was  SUCH a special time for us. Reflecting back causes so much emotion to stir within me. I cannot believe our little boy is here. I cannot believe that we are parents and how much pregnancy and being the parents to this little angel has changed us and changed our lives. Im in tears as I write this thinking about the beauty and the joy that God has placed in our hearts for this child,.. thinking about all the change that has taken place before our very eyes.. thinking about who my husband has become.. a father, a man that wants so badly to be a good example to his son.  I look in the mirror and I see a woman of strength, a woman that has learned more now than ever about selflessness and true love. My boys are my world and i am so very blessed and thankful to say and have that. I would give my life for these two humans, I dont know that I could have ever meant that before.  

I love looking back at the joy that we were experiencing in this moment. I remember my sister taking this picture of us, it was the very first picture of us all together as a family of three, little Cash man was cooking up in my belly.  This photo forever documents the moment when we were able to share in our joy and excitement and allow reality to set in.  It was now real, we were having a baby.  

Thanksgiving will forever remind me of how grateful we were that day to be having our first baby. Not knowing his sex at the time and just dreaming of what parenthood would be like. Pregnancy is just such a special gift, there is just such a sweetness in being able to participate in creation with the one you love most in this world.  Today I am thankful for Thanksgiving, for family, for babies, and for my sweet boys. 

What are you thankful for? 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Easy Quick Healthy Meals: What I've Been Eating Lately

Easy Quick Healthy Meals: What I've Been Eating Lately

Here are some of the meals i've made over the past few days.  Im all about balance, I like to aim for healthy but if something doesnt taste right without adding a little cheese or cream here and there then ill go ahead and add it in there.  When I cook i usually try to add in lots of veggies, one starch, and a protein.  

Swedish Meatballs, Brown Rice Pasta and a side of Grilled Zucchini:  These swedish meatballs are from traders and they're super easy to grill up (you can store a bunch in the freezer for lazy nights when you don't feel like cooking from scratch).  I always try to use brown rice pasta to make pasta nights a little more healthy, and then grilled up some onion and garlic in olive oil to add some flavor to Trader Joes spicy Arrabiata sauce (this sauce is great with seafood pasta as well). It has the perfect amount of spice from sweet red peppers and tasted great with the swedish meatballs. 
For grilling the zucchini as well as what the brown rice pasta looks like click here to see my previous quick meals post where i posted pics and talked more in depth about it: Easy Quick Healthy Meals

Chicken Serenada Tacos:
This was another easy meal that tasted so delicious.  I grilled up Traders "Chicken Serenada", its fresh  chicken breast with grilled bell peppers and grilled onion all pre-marinated and precooked, you just need to reheat on the stove. I am not a fan of precooked meals but traders doesnt add any preservatives and you have to eat their food within a few days or it goes bad. Its just as though you made it yourself.  I threw it on an ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla (super healthy and so yum!), with some shredded cabbage, avocado, a little mexican cheese blend, and lettuce.  You can add on tapatio or salsa if youd like but i thought the chicken gave it plenty of flavor. 

Shrimp Tacos with Lime chipotle sauce:
Shrimp tacos are my hubbys favorite and i haven't made them in so long! I decided to give them a twist by topping them with a delicious homemade lemon chipotle sour cream sauce.  I uses fresh shrimp (it cooks fast so be careful), I cooked the shrimp in olive oil with a sprinkle of chipotle, chili powder, garlic, salt, and 2 tablespoons of salsa and a half of a lime.  I piled it onto the same Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas as above with shredded cabbage, a sprinkle of a mexican cheese blend, and avocado. I squeezed fresh lime on top and then added my homemade sauce.
For the sauce:  you'll need 1/4 cup light sour cream or greek yogurt. Half of a lemon or a whole lime. A 1/4 teaspoon of the following spices: chili powder, chipotle, garlic, cumin,  fresh or dried cilantro salt and pepper to taste. Add in minced jalepeno (i used 4 little slivers from a jar)  You will love this sauce and can use it on fish tacos as well! It makes the tacos!

Filet Mignon with Grilled Zucchini and Onion with a Side Kale Salad:
I am not a huge red meat kinda gal but once in a while I enjoy a nice steak. I grilled up some filets, added a side of zucchini and grilled onion (off the grill instead of grilling it on stove top), and a side of my kale salad that is also one of my husbands favorites!  For the Kale salad recipe go here (at the bottom of the post): Healthy Recipes and Ideas: What I've Been Eating Lately

Eat up & Enjoy Ladies! 

What are some of your favorite easy quick and healthy recipes/ideas?!