Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What we wear: LuckyPalmTree

What We Wear: LuckyPalmTree

Is this not just the cutest?! (Arrow beanie and onesie)

He was so excited to wear his new Coffee Bean Dottie bib

The material is so soft & all organic so I feel great about Cashy wearing it
(Shorts seen here by BabyGap)

The Arrow Swaddle Blanket (matches perfect with this little studs room)

The moment this little rascal got his hands on that teething ring he went to town

Thank you for your sweet gift LuckyPalmTree!

What We Wear: LuckyPalmTree

I am very passionate about sharing companies, products, and clothing that are healthy and safe for my family that match our style and fit in with what we enjoy...and I'm a huge advocate in supporting such companies & can do so my spreading the love via my blog so you can benefit from these great businesses as well! 

This company is named LuckyPalmTree, they are an all organic baby safe and baby friendly business. Kate, the owner is an absolute doll and is a fashion designer wanting to live an organic life and share it with others. She wanted to create styles that are safe for our babies and for our Earth too! 

All items in her shop are handmade with love and are 100% certified. 

Kate sent my little guy a package and I couldn't wait to open it and review her company. Her packaging is very professional and adorable! Each item comes sealed in a package of its own. Her fabric is not only cute but it's so soft and I don't have to worry about cash putting the fabric in his mouth (this kid has his hands or blanket or teething toys in his mouth constantly!). Her wooden teething toy is an absolute MuST for us over here. Cash loved sucking on it the moment I put it in his hands. 

I can't get enough of her cute patterns! He was just so snuggly and too cute not to kiss all day in this little arrow unisex onesie  and  arrow beanie.  (seen above)

LuckyPalmTree is offerring my readers 10% off this week up to next Thursday the 14th of November!

Check out her shop on etsy as well as her website. Both have a variety of items. LuckyPalmTree sells clothes, bibs, mittens, burp cloths, blankets, teething rings, beanies, little girls head wraps (wish we could've tried these but I think Cash would just kill me later lol) and more. 

To follow or find her shop easier you can find LuckyPalmTree here:

Go now and get your 10% off. Use coupon code: TESSARAYANNE


  1. His little mouth in your pics are just too adorable!

    1. Thank you!! His little lips just kill me! He is such a character!

  2. What a cutie!
    Thanks for the link! Our little Astrid is due in 6 days and I love scoring new, organic, gender neutral gear. Oy vay,
    So many companies overkill with the pink we've taken to shopping in the boys section as often as the girls!

    1. Of course! I love to share companies that my family loves and that are baby friendly and safe. I think little girls are SOOO cute in more tom boy(ish) clothes too! dont get me wrong, i love a little girl in a cute pink headband but im also into the little girls wearing blue and black and wear fun patterns with neutral colors (: Congrats to you!!!!!!