Friday, February 28, 2014

Products We Love: Lil Stinker Design + A Discount + GIVEAWAY

Products We Love: Lil Stiker Design + A Discount + GIVEAWAY

I am OBSESSED with this beautiful and meaningful phone case that I was able to custom design with Lil Stinker Design.  The owner Cheri is SO wonderful and her and I share a deep faith in Jesus so we decided to collaborate and create a phone case that is encouraging and uplifting with a verse that was personal to my story. One of my favorite bible verses is, "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful,  I know that full well" Psalm 139:14.  I knew I wanted to put that verse on the back as a reminder to not only myself but to all of the people I get to meet day to day at my work as a therapist, all of the friends I am blessed to spend time with each week, and of course, my family.  I wanted a cover that is a conversation starter.  I have shared how I struggled with my self worth and body image as a teen and how I now help other teens and young adults find value in themselves and discover how to love and embrace themselves.  One of the greatest perks about my job is that I get to be a part of witnessing God work on peoples hearts and break down lies and agreements they've made that just arent true about who they are.  I then get to experience the Lord show them TRUTH.  And witnessing that is one of the most incredible joys I've ever been a part of.  This verse has so much meaning and truth to it for young women who don't see their worth, who feel invaluable, who beat themselves down daily on the inside and outside.  This verse helps us discover who we really are, who God created us to be. It takes the dark veil off of our eyes and shines light on our true beauty that was there along.  

I told Cheri I loved some of her antique frames that she had up in  her online shop.  I wanted to take one of the frames and sort of make it look like an antique mirror and put the verse inside. This is symbolic of looking yourself straight in the mirror and seeing truth (the scripture).  Its a reminder to love yourself, to see yourself as Jesus does. Blemish free. Perfectly made by God Himself to be just the way you are.  

 We can take comfort knowning God has created us exactly how He wanted us to be. He didn't make you like anyone else, you are special, unique, and exactly how He wants you, from head to toe, all of your strengths and weaknesses, every part of you. 'Wonderfully' means you are unique..God made you special and has a purpose and plan for you.  (Isaiah 44:24) He formed you and created you as His own masterpiece for a purpose (Ephesians 2:10).

To explain what it means to be 'Fearfully' made i thought it might be easier to share from an online journal (link here) that explains it clearly, 
"Psalm 139 describes some of God’s attributes. He knows everything (v.1-6), His Spirit is present throughout the universe (v.7-12) and each person is created by Him (v.13-16). The verse before and after Psalm 139:14 describe the development of a baby from conception. 

This caused David to praise God for His power and skill and exclaim that “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Ps. 139:14NIV). The Hebrew word that is translated “fearfully” is yare. In Vine’s Dictionary it means “to be afraid, stand in awe, fear”. When used of an exalted person it means “standing in awe”. This implies honor, reverence and respect for the person. To be “fearfully” made means to be “awesomely” made."

I know there are a lot of you that have shared with me your struggles with body image, insecurity, woundedness, and my hope is that today you find comfort in His truth. I pray that you would know you are important and significant. There is freedom from the belief that you have to be perfect to be loved, or be more than you are.. you are enough. You are exactly how you are supposed to be.  

Scroll down the bottom of this post for details for the GIVEAWAY and the COUPON CODE for a GREAT DISCOUNT! 

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Love you all in this sweet little community, I hope today is a blessed day for all of you!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What We Wear: Dear Cub Plus A Discount

What We Wear: Dear Cub + A Discount

Hey ladies! I know you all love the baby product posts i do over here on this little blog, especially the ones that have to do with cute fashion forward afforable items you can dress your littles in! I am right there with you. I pretty much love dressing my little guy even more than i love dressing up myself! Dear Cub sent us these two adorable baby Tee's. These T-shirts are stylish and modern and the greatest part, their designs are unisex! They are printed on 100% and 50/50 jersey cotton so they are super soft..but most importantly uber cute!   Dear Cub also sells super fun totes for mamas to grab and go and throw things in your bag for a quick trip to the market, the park, or even the beach.  These totes have great designs that any mama would look fashion forward and yet casual as the same time in.  Check out their shop here.  And you can also scrow down and check out my little man rocking their attire and a very generous coupon code of 15 % off from Dear Cub for all you lovely readers at the bottom of this post! 

Coupon Code 15% off on orders of $17 or more: Dear15
Bear Cub Shop: here

T-shirt(s) c/o Bear Cub
(see Threads and Arrows post here for Coupon Code

Friday, February 21, 2014

New Hair: Feeling Fresh

New Hair: Feeling Fresh

I have been thinking about doing this cut for a few months now and finally had the courage to do it last Saturday. A month ago I was anxious to cut of just 3 inches! But once I did I realized it was no big deal and actually was a little liberating if I must be honest. So last Saturday i came to the realization that "its just hair, it grows back and why not have fun with it?".  I realized that most days my hair is in a sloppy bun because Cash loves to grab it with his sticky little fingers (and man that hurts!).  So this is a cut i can easily style, i can wear my hair down and he's not really grabbing it much, and it makes me feel like I'm a new fresh me.  I love it.  And i am so thankful for all of the positive feedback you guys gave me on instagram. I love you and I love how sweet you are to me. 

Now, i'm trying to decide if i should finally do my roots (its been about 5 months I'm guessing) or as some have been telling me, to just leave them grown out for the contrast. We'll see! What do you think I should do with the color?

Its nice having my own sexy live in hair stylist (my hubby). He can cut me up when I'm feeling impulsive before I have a chance to change my mind. He helps me branch out and take risks, and I help think through things. Its a team right?! Thanks for makin me feel pretty babe.

The messier the better! Thats how i feel about this new do. 

Thoughts on the color? 


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cash's 6 Month Old Photo Shoot: Happy Half Birthday Love!

Cash's 6 Month Old Photo Shoot: Happy Half Birthday Love!

Photography by Kelsey Steindler

Okay, I think I could possibly just die right here right now on my computer.  I just opened these photos this morning and my heart is exploding, I can barely hold back the tears, I'm smiling so big, and my stomach is a little queazy! Haha, that might be a strange reaction but for you mamas you know exactly what I'm talking about.  I'm a bit queazy because I just love this little so much & a quiet voice in the back of my head creeps up here & there (usually in sentimental moments) & tells me to fear change.. "hes going to grow, hes going to be different one day, hes going to be a little boy and then a teenager and not smile at me the same way he does now".  Its foolish, i know.  But that voice is there telling me to fear change. I acknowlege it, and then I have to just let it go and enjoy the moment, appreciate right now and give the future to God. I have no idea what he will be like, he might be the worlds greatest teen that adores and loves his mama and still wants to cuddle and be my besty (okay okay, thats sort of creepy).  But really, its going to be beautiful either way, I need to just embrace each stage and not allow that tiny voice to wonder so far ahead into the future.  Its funny because I have been embracing each stage and loving it where does this fear even come from? Every stage has been better than the last! I love the way hes grown, I adore how he is able to interact with me and others and his laugh is just the best thing I've ever witnessed in this entire world.
 Ahh, the irrational fear we all face. 

Any how lets get back to swooning over these incredibly adorable pics! I know I am biased because well, I am his mama! But Kelsey Steindler Photography did SUCH an amazing job taking his half birthday photos. She is an angel and my little guy just adores her, she makes his laugh and flirt and smile like crazy! I am so blessed by her and thankful she captured these precious moments.  She is the sweetest sister I could ever ask for and so talented and easy to work with. I highly recomend you check out her website for your baby photos, maternity, christmas, birthdays, weddings, portraits, engagements, etc.  She has pretty much captured every important moment of my adult life on camera, moments that I will be able to hold onto forever and reflect back on these incredibly special memories. I  cannot thank her enough! 

I know you will enjoy these.. who wouldn't! I might be sitting here crying for a few days but I hope today this little angel brings some joy to you and a smile to your face. 

Happy Half Birthday my sweet little Cash! Hes 7 months tomorrow (GAHHH!)

Check out Cash's newborn shoot here with some family photos: Here
(he was 1 week old.. we tried to replicate this shoot to compare with his newborn photos she took)

A BIG WARM THANK YOU to Kelsey Steindler Photography

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Like her photography Facebook: here
Follow her photography Instagram: @kelseysteindlerphotography