Wednesday, May 17, 2017

34 Weeks Pregnant TWIN Update

34 Weeks Pregnant Twin Update:

(maternity shoot, at 31 weeks)

Weeks Pregnant: 34 !!

Gender: Twin boys! Fraternal most likely (di di twins)

Weight gain: holy smokes, I have gained and gained with this pregnancy, I expected to be around 35-45 minimum at the end of this since I was lower on the chart to start but my other two pregnancies I gained 21 and 26 lb. I'm already at 33 lb gained! My body is doing exactly what it needs for these babies and I'm so grateful. Well see where we end up, I usually slow down at the end for some reason.  I haven't worked out this pregnancy like I did with my last 2 so I'm sure that makes a tiny difference too.

Feeling: feeling so great still, I mean I have the expected uncomfortable lower back ache at night and I get winded sometimes, but for carrying twins and having two amniotic sacs, two placentas and 2 babies that are close to 5 lbs each I think life could be a lot harder than it has been. I'm just so grateful I'm still feeling like myself and able to keep up with my normal life and my kiddos. Honestly God has blessed us with an easy healthy complication free twin pregnancy. For being high risk and all the problems that can arise with twin pregnancies we are just so grateful and maybe that makes things easier too! Can't believe we will be meeting these babies in 2-3 weeks!!! This has flown by!

Movement: still feeling them tons, my stomach feels so tight and I can literally feel their bodies poking out, clearly they are running out of room. Baby A doesn't move as much as baby B, and he's in a frank breech position bent in half so that could be why. Baby B is head down. Praying baby A decides to follow, although we are running out of room and time for him to flip, it becomes statistically less likely after 34 weeks for twins, but I'm holding onto hope so we can still try for vaginal delivery ( Please Lord).

Symptoms: lightning crotch here and there, little cramping every now and then especially when on my feet a long time, Braxton hicks non stop all day (normal  for my pregnancies), low back ache at night, little numbness under my right boob right where my rib cage is (have had that every pregnancy at the end), that's pretty much it! Feeling normal!

Labor signs: cramping and Braxton hicks. But haven't been checked for dilation or anything. My last cervix check was via vaginal ultrasound at 30 weeks and my cervix was still doing awesome measuring 4cm long and just how they wanted to see it. Dr actually joked I would make it to 39 weeks (which they don't even allow twins to go to).

(31 weeks pregnant bump shot) 

(31 weeks beach fun with my girly)
(sprinkled with love by all of my closest friends and family, ladies only night)
(Last family of 4 getaway to palm springs at 33.5 weeks pregnant)

(33 weeks bump shot)

They'll be here before we know it! I'll try to update in a week if i find the time!