Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Baby Boy Is 8 Months Old

My Baby Boy Is 8 Months Old:

Our sweet little Cash turned 8 months old last week! This little guy is really growing these past couple of months. He is beginning to look like a little boy instead of a baby! Gah! He has started to finally sleep through the night 12 hours, we still plenty of nights when he wakes up once because his gums hurt.  He has the 4 top teeth coming in all at once, poor little guy fights through the pain each day, drooling, hands and everything in the mouth to try to remedy it (once they come in he'll have 6 teeth! Ah BIG BOY!).  We give him infant motrin if it gets bad, its really hard to see him in pain so I give him lots of love and extra attention when he's teething.  We have had so much fun taking him to the park and playing in the grass, on the slides and in the swings! We love playing in the sand at the beach, putting our toes in the water, and going to our pool and spa.  He is obsessed with anything water! So that has been a ton of fun to get out and be in the sun as a family. I am really looking forward to more of this warm weather!  

Some of his latest accomplishments and milestones are, he is bouncing on his bottom while also trying to pull up on things to stand, he tries to wave, he reaches out for me and puts his hands on me when he wants me or is hungry or tired, he chats up a storm, he can stand like a champ holding on to someone or an object, he is army crawling but mostly using his back legs, he still tries to move using the rolling maneuver but less of this is happening this past month, he laughs and giggles all day every day, he is such a smiley flirt, he is still a really calm baby when we take him places but inside the house he can at times be hyper and chatting or squealing talking to us or himself, but he's mostly a chiller and plays great independently, he's not really a needy baby but he does love to cuddle and we play with him constantly because we love to, he loves being outside, he always has his hands in his mouth, he's a thrill seeker, he sleeps on his tummy a ton, he is taking 2-3 naps a day usually all 1 hour sometimes one will be two hours, sleeping 12-13 hours a night, we just started giving him solids again (because of his constipation we were holding out for a couple weeks), he is getting 1 oz of prunes juice mixed with 1 oz water every day and eating the "p's" to help his digestive system so we are waiting to see if this helps, he can hold his own bottle, he drinks from a zippy cup, he can eat puffs and some finger foods but sometimes gags, and he loves making noise (banging things, when we sing, hitting his pacifiers against his crib, hitting his toy against another loud toy), etc.  He is so interactive now, it really is so much fun and probably my favorite stage yet!  Im sure I say that every month, lol.  But really, it just keeps getting better and better!

We love being this little babys parents, we feel so blessed that Jesus chose us. I know we lucked out with this chill guy's personality and easy going temperament, so we are crossing our fingers that our next baby will be just as easy! 

How about you ladies? Do you have calm mellow babies, or wild spirited babies? Did your babies personality change from when they were an infant to when they became a toddler?

^^^One of my favorite pictures ever!^^^

^^^These two together is just heart melting^^^

^^^Dinner with my boys and grandpa for his birthday^^^

^^^"oh, just kickin back mama"^^^

^^^Fresh out of the bath..does it get any better than that?!^^^

^^^He loves this book, its probably his favorite one. And his favorite page is of the kitty, he tries to grab the tail just like he does with our kitty at home. (; ^^^

^^^Little teething pout^^^

^^^hanging with cousin Canes..they are 8 months apart^^^

^^^that little hand right there holding me back, killll me.^^^

And can't forget these adorable T's we've been living in over here c/o Dear Cub

^^^(Shoes c/o Jen Galaxy Designs)^^^

^^^baby feet are my weakness..oh and daddys with their littles^^^

^^^Just helping mama do some laundry^^^

^^^I left the room for one second & this sweety was almost all the way under his crib..this was before he could army crawl..he rolled over there! HA!^^^

^^^working on our crawling game^^^

^^^watching airplanes fly by^^^

^^^HAHA this pic cracks me up! Look at that big daddy trying to play with the little guys^^^

^^^His first flower^^^

^^^He was obssessed with shadows a month ago.. so we always let him play right where the blinds cast a shadow on the floor^^^

^^^So blessed to pray over sweet Sammuel in my friend Jessies belly. Cash had my dearest friends lay hands on him & pray when he was in my belly and it meant so much to me. Its so amazing to have him be right there praying over his soon to be friend.^^^

^^^Those kisses are the sweetest^^^

^^^This little princess is one of Cash's newest friends, shes adorable and we are so happy shes finally here and we can play with her^^^

 ^^^Cuddles with Taylor before she left to go back to San Fran. We miss you auntie TayTay^^^

^^^watching mama and papa play some H.O.R.S.E.^^^

^^^Those little specks of sand on his nose! GAH!!!

^^^Going down the slide with Auntie and Cousin Cannan^^^

^^^Cousin love^^^ (Threads and Arrows Moccs)

All of these pictures make me so so so happy!! I hope you enjoyed that nice overload of this precious angel. 



  1. Hi, I found your blog through instagram (a shared 4 month sleep regression hashtag!), your little guy is just adorable! I've even nabbed myself some gorgeous leggings. Thanks for a great read.


    1. Hi sweet Bridie! So happy to have you here! And the leggings are just the cutest on our littles chubby delicious legs! Welcome and I hope u continue to follow along. Xox much love to u and ur little one

  2. Hi Tessa. I love reading up on your posts about your baby. I've been following you since I was pregnant and now my baby is 5 1/2 months. I was wondering are you still nursing Cash now that he has teeth? I'm wondering what to do when I experience this with my baby. Thanks!!

    1. Hi love! That is so neat, I love that we are journeying together! Yes, I still nurse him, he just started biting down a little bit last month with his two bottom teeth. Now he has 4 more coming in on top, ouch! He only has done it a few times and I just say "no" firmly and he let's go. I haven't bled yet and he only does it if I'm running out of the house and trying to feed him too early. Like if I'm going to work I'll try to nurse him even if he just ate 1.5-2 hours earlier and isn't quite hungry yet because he eats more that way verses from a bottle when I leave. Plus I hate pumping lol. So to answer ur question, u can avoid it by only feeding when they are really hungry

  3. Hi Tessa. I love reading up on your posts about your baby. I've been following you since I was pregnant and now my baby is 5 1/2 months. I was wondering are you still nursing Cash now that he has teeth? I'm wondering what to do when I experience this with my baby. Thanks!!