Monday, March 10, 2014

7 Months Postparum: Thankfulness, Joy, & Loving Yourself!

7 Months Postpartum: Thankfulness, Joy, & Loving Yourself!

Weight lifting/Strength training 1-2 times a week. My favorite class 

 Walks with my little guy & my man are the best kind of work out though.

He gives me the greatest joy... i would have 1,000,000 kids if it were possible. Being his mama has made living so rewarding, so fulfilling, and so joy-filled!

Hikes w/ these two

Not sure if my uterus will ever be back to how it use to be, I definitely have to tighten my tummy to hold it in. I think thats just what might happen after babies though. My moms had 5 kids and she always talks about how it never went back. Its so worth wakling around looking 4 months prego though! (;

I thought it would be interesting to see a side by side of 4 weeks pregnant (basically prebaby) and of me 7 months postpartum. You can definitely tell im still exclusively breast feeding lol! My ribs are wider (i think) and I have a little more skin below my belly button. My belly button has changed its shape a tiny bit too! 

Heres what I had to say this month:

Hey ladies, I reached that 7 month postpartum mark last month and have been meaning to post but wasn't sure about what I wanted to write this month. I try to use these posts as a platform to talk about something important, not just share about fitness, or exercise, but to be really honest, to reach other woman who are right here on this journey with me.

This month I recieved a lot of emails from some of you. Most of the emails were about you guys struggling either currently or in the past with body image and your self worth.  My heart broke as I read every word you shared. I want to thank you again for your courage and for sharing a part of your story and your lives with me. You are so inspiring.  I hope its okay that i share just a piece of what one of you ladies sent me, i'll be sure to keep it annonymous..

One reader shared with me how my blog has reminded her of another blogger she use to read years ago..she shared with me how this blogger was simply thankful for life and how that helped her break free from the bondage of the shame she felt for her body. Heres what she said,
" to be thankful for all those small things that her life was filled with... Those pictures and articles made me want to be thankful, made me want to heal.

When I found your blog, it made me remember that girl. How without knowing it, she saved my life. Following your blog is like reminding me how far I came and most importantly how happy I am. 
Our live's are filled with miracle babies, wonderful life partners and precious moments. And the thing I realize is that you've got to love yourself if you want to be able to see all that!"
Her words inspired me so much. She pointed out the importance of how loving yourself can free you in so many ways. It helps open your eyes up to see the beauty in the world around us. If we have shame, hatred, or disgust for our bodies, we stop loving ourselves. We start bashing ourselves. We begin to look in the mirror and make agreements with all sorts of lies the enemy whispers to us.."you're ugly, you're fat, you aren't good enough, you'll always be like this, who will ever want you or love you, you have to be thin to be loved". The list goes on.  When that is your focus, when that becomes the way you see yourself how can you see clearly when you are believing lies about yourself?
If we develop an attitude of gratitude, if we  begin to "TRY" to just accept and love ourselve on the inside and outside.. our hearts change. We become thankful. And then we can fully appreciate all that God has given us. We can begin to really live this life abundantly as He calls us to. 
Choose Joy today. Choose to be thankful.
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  1. YAY!!!!!! I'm so happy!! Thanks SO much!!! Here's my address.

    Katie Wilson
    2801 Manning RD.
    Suffolk, VA 23434

    1. Congrats love!! You will get your package in the mail within the next week or so (:

  2. Tess, you look wonderful and this was a lovely post of affirmation to the worthy-ness of Gods plans for your life.
    xoxo miss you dear.

    1. Thank you love, that means a lot! We miss you over here!! xxoooo!