Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We're Having TWINS!

We're Having Twins!


I'm sure those who follow us on instagram and facebook have already seen that we shared a big announcement a couple weeks ago, we are having not one but TWO new babies join us this coming summer! We were on the fence about whether we would stop at two kids and told ourselves after Layla was around 15 months we would talk about a third baby.  When that time came we felt like our family wasn't fully complete and decided to go for baby number 3. Within 2 months we were pregnant and just a few weeks later we found out through our first ultrasound that there were two babies growing with two perfect heartbeats and 2 sacs! It was the biggest shock of our lives, literally. I have never been that shocked and truly felt like it was a dream. I was sure i was going to wake up and come to find it never really happened. But the days went by and it sank in deeper and deeper. I knew there was a possibility of miscarrying one or both babies, since that happens naturally for alot of pregnancies, but i also couldnt focus on that and felt like I needed to process the fact that four babies were in our future. We would be adding a third and fourth baby at the same time.

The first week or two was an emotional roller coaster. I went from being so thankful and excited, feeling special and trusting Gods plan, to feeling overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, and had so many thoughts of "how are we going to handle this?", "whats this mean for my other two kids already here?", "will i be able to divide myself evenly?", " how will this impact us financially?", "we need to move, get a mini van, and double baby everything?", etc etc etc. Im sure you can imagine the flood of thoughts that one might have.  Not to mention the scary things you hear and read from others about twin pregnancies and deliveries and NICU stays.  I had to choose to be thankful and turn my focus towards the gift that this is, that God chose our family for this miracle. Twins dont run in our family, this was completely a natural spontaneous crazy God miracle that somehow either my egg split (which would mean identical babies) or i randomly ovulated twice (which would mean fraternal babies).  Fraternal babies are what people say can 'run in families', carried on the mothers side, she can inherit a gene that can cause "hyperovulation" which means ovulating more than one egg per cycle.  I dont have this gene, twins do not run in either my mom or dads side, so we were completely shocked.  There has never been a thought in my mind that twins would be apart of our future. Now its our reality and i feel like God has really helped us see this as such a huge blessing, i also think our families being so supportive and kind has helped tremendously. The fear i have about surviving this next year and a half is now gone, i know mine and my husbands families are going to be here for us and supporting us every step of the way, they have been by our side giving us all the love we could possibly need right now and i just know we're going to be ok.  This is not a death sentence like some might feel or think, its a gift, and although it will initially be really hard we know in the long run is going to be so special to see all of these kids bond and have each other for a lifetime like we have with our siblings.  So all in all, we have moved past fear into a really good place of peace and excitement. When i say we, i guess i really mean me, haha! My husband has been so at peace with this since the minute we saw those two babies in there, im the one who was up and down the first week, damn prego hormones. Im so thankful for him and how he is always my rock and knows just what to say to make me feel comforted and bring my head back around to gratitude and GOD.  We feel grateful and are just amazed we have made it to almost 13 weeks this week with these two special babies. In a couple weeks we'll find out the genders so be sure to check back here!

I'll try to be as honest and open as possible and share our journey along the way as often as i have time to on here. I know for me, reading other pregnancy blogs and twin journeys is helping so much right now for me to feel like i know what to expect, what could happen, and also finding hope in other peoples stories.  I would love for you all to be a part of our journey and be praying for our little twinnies.  Please share in the comments if theres anything you want to know about, any specific posts, or if you have had twins or are pregnant with twins.

Also thank you all so much for all of your sweet comments, we read every single one!

^^^Here they are at 10.5 weeks^^^

^^^Here they are at 12.5 weeks ^^^