Friday, February 27, 2015

Bump Style Box: Maternity Looks

 Bump Style Box: Maternity Looks

Im so excited to share this great company for pregnant moms. BumpStyle Box contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to try out their online subscription, of course after checking them out i was all in! Bump Style Box is a boutique maternity box filled with personally picked maternity or post pregnancy items just for you!  You can get one box or sign up for a once a month subscription for the duration of your entire pregnancy, how neat is that! No shopping out with your littles or walking around when you just don't feel up to it, its sent right to your door for free, and free returns! You just simply keep and pay for what you like and return the rest!  Its super simple. 

Heres how it works:
You sign up on and fill in all of your details (your current size, style, upcoming occasians, colors you like, your personal preference whether you like dresses or jeans etc.  It even asks you your favorite places to shop so they get an idea of what you usually are into).

Then one of their stylists picks several different items that they think you would look great in & send the box your way. You have 5 days to choose which items you'd like to purchase or send everything back (free return label for shipping included). Its that simple!

I actually really enjoyed this process. I usually pick everything out for myself when i go shopping and im really particular, especially while pregnant and things don't always fit nicely or flatter my new shape.  But this was such a nice change and step outside of what I usually would have picked with some of the items that were sent.  I am so glad I tried them on because they looked so great with my baby bump. I think sometimes its hard to shop for your pregnant belly because we arent used to what it looks like dressed up in different styles. The stylist included a sweet note inside the box that encouraged me to try on one of her favorite dresses that she knew i might like even though I had said I didnt want any short dresses. I am so glad she did because thats the one dress i ended up falling in love with and keeping for my shower or maternity photos! So thank you to Bump Style Box for this great experience. 

I encourage you ladies to try it! If you don't like what they send you can send it right back for free (:
The price range varies and be sure to included what you usually spend on clothing so they can send you items that they think you'd be comfortable purchasing.  The range can be from $35-700 so you really can find anything you're looking for there!

Check out some of the looks i put together below! I'm saving my favorite dress to show you guys for either my upcoming shower or our maternity photos. 

This first look is so stinkin pretty, i love love love this berry floral printed tight midi dress. At first i wasn't too sure how it would fit on me, but the minute i put it on i fell in love.  It has plenty of room for my budding belly to grow because its made for us pregnant mamas, so its stretchy and comfortable.  I love long sleeves with a tight dress! Its just the right about of sexy yet classy. This dress was perfect for Valentines day, i hope some of you that follow me on instagram (@tessaarmstrong8), where i first posted this look, were able to get your hands on it beforehand.  I took this photo while trying the dress on after opening my Bump Style Box so I hadnt yet styled it. I would wear this with a nice black leather jacket, a stud or statement earing and a beautiful showcasing ring.  Some black sexy ankle strap heels would be perfect. See below for some looks that would go nicely paired with this piece.

^^^Pearl studs would be super cute, wear this with a nude or red lip (two above are great picks), i put a few affordable forever 21 leather jackets & a pricier real leather option, and a couple jewelry options that would go niceley that are GREAT price wise.

The next look:

This adorable teal maxi dress was SO flattering and So comfortable. I know us pregnant moms are all about comfort and light weight material that gives us breathing room and air flow (; lol  I loved this dress so much and would wear it dressed down with just a cute necklace and sandals, or you can dress it up like i did and wear it with a floral kimono, a long pendant necklace, and a wedge heel. I wore this to a ladies Valentines Day tea and it was a big hit. In my opinion, a comfortable long maxi dress like this is a pregnancy must have. I could live in this maxi dress and wish i had it in several colors!

(*love that top part and how it folds)

 Shop the look here:

^^^I posted a couple cute floral kimonos above that are all super affordable, that free people kimono is a bit pricier but well worth the splurge for how much use you would get out of it and the quality is superb.  I added a couple turquoise and fun pendant necklaces that i think would go perfectly with this look.  I love a long necklace that draws the eyes right to that cute baby bump.^^^

The next look:

This cute printed midi dress is perfect for spring and summer! I love the top royal blue cut out and would draw the eyes up with a gorgeous pair of turquoise, gold or saphire blue earings. I also love this look with a turquoise cuff like i have on in the above photos.  This would be cute with gladiator sandals or some regular strappy sandals in nude or tan.

 Shop the above look here:
^^^Okay some of these pieces are soooo drool worthy like that free people caged cuff!! FOR ONLY $38! I think i need it.  Also i added some cute gold fun geometric shaped earings that would be gorgeous. You all know im a sucker for long pendant neckaces so here are two forever 21 options in saphire that would be pretty as well. I love those turquoise stud earings, they're super pricey but could be worn a thousand times over the years. Also loving that free people caged statement ring! ^^^^

The next look:

This lace and fringe kimono was gooorj. I love bohemian looks, and i have always been drawn to kimonos.. so i think a girl can never ever have too many! Especially while pregnant, they hide all the places a mama would want to hide (bum, thighs, arms, hips?.. the list goes on) and yet still accentuate that adorable bump where the miracle is taking place.  I wore this kimono paired with a midi black floral strapless number that is comfortable and can be casual or dressed up. I think a long boho necklace would be super cute with this. Maybe even a pop of lip color like light pink or bright pink?

Shop the look here:
Below i listed two easy and afforable floral maxi dresses, a dainty cute gold bow stud earing, and a couple boho style long necklaces.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

24 & 25 Weeks Pregnancy Update

24 & 25 Weeks Pregnancy Update:

24 week bumpin 

^^25 weeks pregnant at the beach with my little one^^

How far along: 24 (now 25) weeks pregnant

Symptoms:  Linea Nigra has made its way up my tummy. I have started to have lower back aches at night when i get into bed, i had this with Cash too and know thats its totally normal.  I can see her moving now from the outside and definitely feeling every little movement on the inside.  My uterus is about 2 inches or so above my belly button (at 24 weeks my ap says my uterus should be the size of a soccer ball, and now at 25 weeks baby is a lb and a half and 13.5 inches long).  Im now 6 months pregnant and still feeling really great. I LOVE the second trimester, its so breezy and wonderful because you get that cute little belly finally popping out, you start to feel TONS of big movements and its great for bonding, and you have energy again and no aches and pains yet... oh and lets now forget about that dreaded 1st trimester nausea thats now been gone for quite a while.  I feel like this pregnancy is f l y i n g by! I am trying to take in moments of appreciation everyday where i can embrace being pregnant and growing a baby inside of my tummy. Its such a special gift that I will always cherish and one day be sad that this time has passed.  Im just soaking up the miracle of all that is happening.

Cravings: Chocolate ! which is funny because my last pregnancy i started craving chocolate around now. Iced coffee sounds good too and chai lattes as long as im not the one making it.

Wedding Rings: OFF ): Im so sad, they fit perfectly still, i havent had any swelling yet, but i developed a contact allergy to them of some sort (i.e. contact dermetitis) ive never had this happen with any type of metal so it must be a hormone thing. Im hoping after i deliver that the allergy will go away. My finger gets red and raw and itchy where my ring is if i where them so after the second time of that happening a couple weeks ago i decided to just take them off for a while.

Belly button: out

Exercise:  Still only making it in once a week, twice if im lucky just because of our hectic schedule and Cash not digging day care (although hes doing GREAT at MOPS once a week for 2.5 hours now! wooohooo victory!).  

Sleep: sleep is alright, its hard for me to fall asleep unless my husband is giving my lower back a massage or playing with my hair. Its almost like i need a distraction now or i cant seem to feel comfortable or turn off my thoughts (again, total hormonal thing).

Maternity Clothes: So far i have 3 pairs of maternity jeans ive been rotating because theyre way more comfty, 2 pair of leggings, a couple long maternity shirts, some workout shirts and pants and sports bras that fit. I try to wear mostly normal clothing that i can reuse after pregnancy.

Excited for: My sister and i having a joint baby shower in a couple weeks! Decorating her nursery. We are starting to collect items and can't wait to put everything together. Im in total nesting mode, ive been decorating our house like crazy and just purchased my first mama car, i traded in my tiny sporty lexus for a SUV that can fit plenty of kiddos safely. I am loving not bending over to get CAsh into his carseat anymore and how much room i have in the trunk for his stroller and all of our beach toys etc.  I didn't know how big i was missing out!

Missing: I miss being able to work out regularly, im too tired early in the morning before my husband goes to work, and im too tired at night when he gets home late to go to the gym. Everything else is going great!! Im really enjoying this stage

We can't wait to meet our little baby girl!

To view my 24 weeks pregnancy post for my first pregnancy with our little boy, see here.

I have some fun materntiy looks coming up! I also will be doing a baby haul for baby girl shops/clothes/items, as well as some baby necessities i think every mama needs! Stay tuned for those! Also, i have a 'healthy quick meals recipe' post coming soon as per your requests!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentines Day 2015

Valentines Day 2015

Hi hope all of you had a wonderful Valentines Day! We had a great time spending the weekend together, on Sunday we had a fun day trying out this great new gym called LifeTime Fitness, its massive and even has a huge pool with a baby splash pad and a water slide.  So my in laws were so sweet and took our little boy to the pool while my husband and i had some alone time, I took a class called Bar Strength (or something along those lines) it was a great all over body work out, and works outs these days are scarce due to our schedule and always having a baby on my side so it was nice to get in some activity with my husband together. And then we hit the smoothie bar and enjoyed a nice 2 hour pedicure afterwards, this gym had it time im going for an hour long massage! The sweet cosmetologist doing our toes had to go back and forth because she was the only one there on a Sunday, so it extended the length but it was nice because we had time to just sit and talk and relax while getting massaged (by the chair) and our toes done.  Then we headed home, my in laws took Cash with them to their house, and my husband and I turned on music as loud as we could (since we dont do that sort of thing when Cash is around) and got ready for our dinner date night.

You really take for granted all of the small things and freedoms with not having children, like getting ready slowly, taking your sweet time, enjoying yourself and listening to music blast through out you're house.  It was fun just to feel that freedom for a couple hours. We headed off to San Clemente South of Nicks for dinner, it was AMAZIn' and i highly recommend it if you have one in your area.  All in all it was a great day/night and we truly felt like we were on vacation just having half that day to ourselves to pamper, relax and fill our tummies with just the two of us.  As much as we love our sweet boy, alone time with just each other is SO needed and we are truly blessed to have incredible family that live close to help us out so we can get away for a few short hours here and there.

What did you guys do for Vday to celebrate your love? What are some fun date day or night ideas you've done over the years?


Thursday, February 12, 2015

What We Love: Shop Baby Girl

What We Love: Shop Baby Girl

Okay ladies, I have beeen putting together some fun posts for little lady baby clothes now that we have a sweet princess on the way its time to get serious.  I have always dreamed of dressing a girl and all the fun accessories that come along with it! I cant wait for bows, headbands, turbans, beanies, necklaces/bracelets, scarves, sweaters, kimonos/ponchos, shoes and the "works".. and lets talk about those cute dresses!!?! I have some fun pieces to show you all and some great shops to share!.

^^^I LOVE polkadots and this little dress is perfection.. its covered in cuteness, from the bow to the polkadots to those cute sleeves! Comes with bloomers (:   This dress was sent to us c/o Lucy Lemon Shop who is kindly offering my readers 20% off with code: TESSA20  (take advantage of that guys!! SO adorable!). Follow along on instagram:@lucylemonshop or facebook:^^^

^^^ These adorable bloomers are seriously so cute, anything with gold im drooling over right now. They were sent to us c/o Minouche Clothing and we cant wait to get them on our little one. I think printed bloomers are just too adorable underneathe a cute dress or shirt. They sell tons of fun prints so be sure to check them out. ^^^

^^^ Beginning my headband collection with some cute newborn (0-3 month) bows, hearts, and flowers. Im smitten with these soft colors, and those gold hearts are so much fun! These were sent to us by Little Winter Shop and they have a great selection of felt bows, fabric patterns, bow clips, headwraps etc. We all know these dainty accessories do a wonder for a little girls outfit.  Check out their instagram: @littlewintershop ^^^

^^^Little dress i scored at Baby Gap a couple months back. I love those teeny tiny polka dots and the sleeves^^^

^^^These navy bloomers are a fun print and are also c/o Minouche Clothing ^^^

^^^This adorable flutter sleeve striped dress was sent to us c/o Baby Be Happy and i am obsessed! They have a new line coming out that I'll share with you guys in the Spring/Summer. I just love these little itty bitty dresses that have a vintage feel and are all hand made! So special! Follow along their shop here: Facebook:

Instagram:   ^^^^

^^^This gorgeous ruffle blush blanket you've been seeing in the photos above was sent to us c/o All That Ruffle and i cant even tell you how pretty it is! I am definitely going to wrap my little angel up in this on the daily. (see below as well). Its pretty big and they have tons of colors! im dying over their lavender one as well!

^^^can you tell i love flutter sleeves and lace?! This Little Winter Shop headband bow matches perfectly with the light blush pink and ivory lace. ^^^

^^^ Okay if you dont know this by now, im a sucker for pom pom beanies, well really anything pom pom i pretty much love.  This sweet newborn beanie will be on my little lady on repeat. This was sent to us c/o Le Petit Mouton (means: little sheep in french) and they have adorable girly bow beanies as well. Check them out.

I hope you enjoyed browsing through some darling ALL HAND MADE pieces!! I cant wait to share more with you. For now happy shopping ladies!

I would love to hear what some of your favorite little girl shops are??!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Coping With Separation Anxiety

 Coping With Separation Anxiety

((pre haircut: this guy got a big boy hair cut! ))

My little one has had a rough past 3 weeks. I believe it began when we started MOPS and my husbands schedule has changed quite a bit this month where hes had to be gone more often, so thats also been an adjustment for our little one. MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) is an incredible program through our church where mommies get to have some "me" time together, eating breakfast, doing crafts once in a while, and being empowered by weekly speakers on parenting, womanhood, stories of strength etc.  MOPS is the first time i've really tried to put him in daycare with strangers watching over him (aside from the 2 times we tried the gym and 1-2 times we've tried sunday school at church), hes usually watched by one of his grandma's or my sister who lives on my street and has a little boy 8.5 months older than Cash. I knew going into this was going to be an adjustment and that he would probably need a few weeks to get used to it, what i wasnt prepared for and what I didn't know is how he would be effected by it outside of those 2.5 hours on Thursday mornings once a week.

He started to have a hard time whenever I would drop him off at even his grandma's house or when i would leave him at our home with my mom to go to work. He had been doing so great with this for the longest time so it was all of a sudden that he started to have that dreaded separation anxiety again.  He then became more clingy and attached even when around his dad, he just wanted mommy to hold him and would call out my name and cry a bit while they were doing bath time and i was making dinner (which he usually loves that alone time with dad).  He started getting more antsy whenever i tried to explain 'mama had to go to work' or 'daddy and mommy were going on a date' or even when i just needed to run upstairs to grab something real quick he would cry as though i was going to leave him.

The last couple weeks have been so stressful on him and i both because i feel such guilt leaving him when hes telling me "no no mama" and crying hysterically, i mean big crocodile tears and panic like hes never done before. Im  NOT used to seeing him like that AT ALL. Which completely broke my heart and made me worry while away if he was okay or if he was in distress the entire time.  I know its stressful on our littles to go through this too. They genuinely are scared and uncomfortable and just want you by their side. I completely feel for him and wish I could always be there for him every minute but thats just not healthy for any mom, even a stay at home mom, or any child.  Toddlers at some point need to learn that mommy will come back, daddy will come back, and they're okay on their own for a little.  He is such an independent kid while hes playing so its really difficult to see him go through this extreme attachment phase.  Yesterday, we were at my moms house with my sisters and their kids and he freaked (crying and clinging to me) out when they walked in the door and he saw other kids, thinking i was going to leave, he has never ever done this before. He loves his cousins and loves playing with other kiddos. He's definitely on edge and waiting for me to go at any moment, which makes me so sad that he isn't trusting his environment. I make sure to always say "Bye" even though it makes it harder on me to see him cry, its important that he knows i wont leave without telling him bye so he doesnt have to look over his shoulder every second to watch me and make sure i dont leave. I know a lot of mommies who want to sneak away while their distracted, and i have been so tempted to do that, but every blog and article, and book i've read says they need to know you're leaving and not be surprised when they turn around that you're gone.  It makes it worst because then they wont trust you.

I don't have an answer for this, I just wanted to share our struggle so if any of you other moms are battling this right now, Im here for you, and/or if you already have or will in the future I hope this gives you a little peace knowing you're not alone.

I'm sticking it out and being strong so he can learn to be independent apart from me. Im hoping and PRAYING that he feels at ease and peace when im not there and that he can begin to have fun with the other kids.  I know one day he'll be in preschool and then kindergarden and this is prep for just a couple hours to get him used to that.  Today was a small victory with him lasting the entire 2.5 hours and only crying a little in the beginning and 2 minutes before i came to get him.  I will take itt! and im a proud mama of my sweet boy.

*if you have any tips please share below in the comments for myself and others mommies who read along here