Thursday, April 4, 2013

23 & 24 Weeks Pregnant Update

Pregnancy Update: 23 & 24 Weeks Pregnant

Hubby and I on the fairy headed to balboa island fun zone, day date <3

 23 Weeks pregnant

24 Weeks Pregnant (6 MONTHS)

Good Friday with our families

24 Weeks belly update

How far along: 23 & 24 weeks pregnant

Symptoms:  that funny line is moving up my belly slowly but surely! Still feeling good.. a little swelling this week in my thighs bum and lower back, my belly is definitely noticeable, belly button is out at the top, still fit in my normal clothes but having to get creative with shirts that now show the bottom of my tummy (lol), getting braxton hicks daily, and he is wild as ever! He moves constantly! We have an active boy on our hands. I can see him moving from outside my belly which is pretty neat to witness and my husband gets to feel him pretty much every day as well. This trimester has been so much fun, it seems real now that there is a little person in there with a fun personality..we cant wait to meet him and smother him with love and affection!

Cravings: Chocolate chocolate chocolate. The citrus phase has gone and now all i want is cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, and chocolate anything!

Wedding Rings: on

Belly button: out

Exercise:  Still going strong with the usual routine

Sleep: lately sleep has been worse, I think my back is starting to hurt even more which makes me really uncomfortable at night. I really hate sleeping on my side and find myself rolling onto my back throughout the night, which in turn kills me in the morning.  My husband has been waking up really early for work now and that wakes me up and its hard to go back to sleep.  Im going to invest in a pregnancy pillow soon, my hubbys hands are getting sore from all these back rubs (LOL) i need a new remedy!

Maternity Clothes: So far i've purchased 5 maxi skirts (non maternity), a couple dresses, a couple shirts, 1 pair of leggings, some work out shorts that arent too tight for my tummy, bigger sports bras to support the growing lady parts, and my sister got me maternity jeans for christmas and im borrowing my other sisters maternity jeans.  The rest of my clothes are my normal clothes that im trying to make due with.  I know as my belly gets bigger i may have to find some other options.

Excited for: My baby showers on May 5th and May 11th as well as our preparation for child birth classes. I dont know why but im so excited for labor... of course to meet our little one but also just to experience what God created our bodies for.  Its just a bizarre part of being a woman i suppose.

Missing: I really missed sushi tonight.  I miss my pre prego body, seeing so many cute summer outfits and people getting in shape for summer is not fun when you are only going to get bigger and bigger and not be able to wear anything cute for several months...but i know its all worth it!

We can't wait to meet our little baby boy! Im getting so eager!


  1. You look amazing girl!! I can't believe it's already been 6 months. I think both are really a good couple. I read your post it is good as well. Hope you get lots of help completing your to-do list.
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  2. Thank you!! you are so sweet. I wish you all the best as well!