Monday, April 29, 2013

Sneak Peak Maternity Shoot

Maternity Shoot Sneak Peak:

If you are following me on instagram: tessa_ray_armstrong, im sure you already saw this little sneak peak my sister (our photographer: took from her IPHONE...   I cannot wait to see the actual pics she took w/ her camera! She is an amazing photographer, so gifted and skilled, with such a beautiful heart. She can make anyone smile and it so wonderfully her goofy sweet self that you instantly feel comfortable in front of the lens (great for people like my hubs who hate taking professional photos).  

Her instagram is "thesteinz" if you'd like to follow her work.  Im so grateful for her giving heart and that she is always open to do a shoot <3.  Since we are family she brought along her hubby and their sweet 6 month old baby boy, my darling nephew Canaan (pronounced cay- nan). Her husband took the baby and their dog for a stroll while we got down to business.  Heres a couple photos of me with my nephew after we were done shooting. He was out past his bed time for auntie so he was a bit crabby but I love to kiss and squeeze him anyhow!

Before we shot w/ my sis we were sitting around waiting so i stole a quick kiss at sunset.

We finished off the night at Savannah's Steakhouse. We love to get in as many date nights as we can these days knowing that pretty soon we'll have our little guy here and not be able to do as much with just the two of us.  My husbands schedule is INTENSE and BUSY to say the least right now. For the next 2 1/2 months hes working and going to school (finishing his hours) and on top of that doing work for the band. Hes a busy man and im so proud of him for all his hard work for our family. <3

Cant wait to post more maternity pics for you when my sis gets a chance to edit! 

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