Monday, April 22, 2013

27 Week Pregnancy Update after Dr. Visit

27 Week Pregnancy Update after Dr. Visit

We had our monthly Dr. visit and had to do my glucose test (mandatory/standard test they do for pregnant women at 24-28 weeks to test for diabetes).  I had seen a lot of bloggers and posts on pregnancy websites about how awful these drinks were, so I was curious what this would be like.  They were all out of the orange flavor and had lemon lime and fruit punch availble.. i chose fruit punch but I guess she didnt hear me and gave me lemon lime instead. I was fine with it and figured this might be less sweet anyhow. I didnt think it tasted that bad. Im not a big soda fan so it sort of reminded me of if i had to down a big can of flat sprite... at 11 in the morning... on an empty stomach (they make you wait to eat). Overall, its not something for those of you who are expecting mamas, to dred. They make you wait an hour after drinking it and then do a blood test.  We get our results back in 2-3 days.

The doctor measured my uterus and all looks perfectly on track. We got to hear the babys heart beat (as we usually do at dr. visits) this just melts my heart every time! I asked her if she could feel if he was measuring big or small or average.. she said he seems around 2.5 lbs right on track and that his head is down. (his head was down at our 21 week ultrasound, this is a good thing if he stays this way! We want him to be face down for labor)

Waiting for my hubby to get in the car for Sunday date night

Both of us were recovering from having the flu and didnt have much of a weekend so we decided to go to dinner and have some fun sunday night.  We went for mexican food because i (per usual) was craving chips and salsa and some fresh tacos.. I ended up getting a tostada instead (; We left very full and satisfied and went home to watch 2 redbox movies my hubs rented for us. These are the nights im sure i will miss,.. just the two of us.. for 12 or less weeks left! We are cherishing our time together for these next few weeks <3

 Getting some Vitamin D and catching some rays to try to make us feel better from being sick all week.

These puppies (my parents doggies) just love love love this belly

I sure love it too! Here you can see my little belly button is definitely OUT. (halfway.. the bottom wont pop out ever most likely) 

My husband, my best friend, my baby daddy <3 . .. and look at my bump! Its getting so big!

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  1. I am 27 weeks pregnant and every week I find new blogs based on typing into google "27 weeks pregnant blog" (whatever the number is) and I found yours and I love it. I am due with a boy as well and I cannot wait. You seem to adore your son and love to see his updates as well as your changes since my boy is due in July as well.