Saturday, April 27, 2013

28 Weeks Pregnant Update

28 Week Pregnant Update:

How far along: 28 Weeks

Symptoms: Nothing new really.  Just hungrier in the morning, i've been eating breakfast and then 45 minutes later eating again. I think he must be going through another growth spurt

Clothes: Im still wearing normal clothing, i purchase a couple maternity pieces and borrowed some from family and friends, but im mostly just wearing my own clothes or buying things ill be able to wear even after the baby is born (lots of maxi skirts and dresses,.. easy to fit into and be comfty still as well as i can wear them again after pregnancy and they are great for summer). I can still wear heels without my feet swelling but my back tends to hurt so i try not to wear them longer than a couple hours.  Ive been living in boots and sandals. When i get home my favorite thing to do is strip and wear just a t-shirt, i really dont like being constrained and have found ive been that way since only a few weeks pregnant. Anything on my belly even if its lose doesnt feel comfortable.

How im feeling: I feel the best i've felt at the 6 1/2- 7 month mark of pregnancy. I think its because my bump excites people, my hubby even gets excited and i find him saying "hey little preggo, or wheres my preggie" often. It makes me so happy that my belly makes others happy.  People keep saying "WOW, you've finally popped" or "I cant believe you are 7 months pregnant, you look great!" Which is ALWAYS nice to hear when you are pregnant (:   Also I feel like i'm connecting to our little guy more and more as he moves all throughout the day now, and he feels so much bigger! The bigger he gets the more a reality this becomes! I am so excited to meet him but I also feel I have so to do. We havent even started the nursery, we are waiting until after our baby shower to see what we will still need.

Cravings: Still cravings sweets, mostly chocolate. And cold green grapes and fresh pineapple (but it has to be really cold).
I'm also trying to go into this next trimester being more aware of salt and not adding salt to my meals etc.  I know as summer is approaching (as well as the inevitability of just being in the 3rd trimester) swelling may be near! So i'm going to "try" my best to keep it to a minimum if i can. My body tends to swell easily and retain water, even when not pregnant.

My two fears of late: C-section and what if for whatever reason breast feeding doenst work out the way i pray it will. I really want to birth this baby after all the hard work and preparation for labor i've put into my body and knowing my body was made for this and is fully capable.  Its just the woman in me. And as for breast feeding Dr. says "breast is best", the bonding is unlike anything else, nutritionally its the best thing you can do for your baby! And on top  of those incredible reasons it helps mamas uterus shrink back down and heal.   It can also (for some women) aid in weight loss to get back quicker to your pre baby body. Watching both my sisters and best friends bread feed makes me so excited to have these special tender moments with my son.

Movement: I feel him moving in a whole new way these past few weeks. He rolls around the surface of my tummy and you can see him from the outside. It sort of looks like a little snake slivering. I also still get the kicks and pokes as well. I can't figure out if i've felt him hiccup or not yet, I feel him move in a pattern but sometimes i just wonder if he's got a lot of energy like his daddy and mommy or if its hiccups? His body reaches across my whole stomach (hes as big as an eggplant now..around 15 inches) so we can feel him with one hand on my left side and one on my right at the same time when hes moving.

Excited for: Baby showers these next couple weekends! And our birthing classes start May 8th! I am so excited for those!  We still havent gotten our results back for my glucose text i took this past monday, so Im eager to see how that went. I havent really worried about it because i'm pretty healthy and no one in my family has ever had diabetes during pregnancy. Oh im also excited to have a little break from work and go on maternity leave in june! Only 7 more weeks of work!

Missing: sushi, and not having to lower my sodium intake (im just now starting to think about this.. and i wish i didnt have to.. to avoid swelling during the summer).

Sleep: Pretty much the same, i wake up often for bathroom breaks. (2-3 times a night). I'm starting to enjoy it at times because around 4-6am if I get up to go to the restroom when i lay back down in bed I can feel him awake moving in there, I get to share these special quiet moments alone w/ him where i can just curl up and hold my belly and fall sleep envisioning my son while hes right there awake with me while daddy sleeps so peacefully next to us.

It's surreal that he could be here so soon! Especially if he comes early!

My husband is guessing he will come 7/11/13 and will have blue eyes and blonde hair. Im guessing 7/22/13 with blue eyes and brown hair.  We shall see!


  1. Hi Tessa,

    Your blog posts during your pregnancy have been so helpful so far. I'm a newlywed and have been thinking about having a baby very often lately and reading your posts has been very informational to me so thank you! I had a question though - what kind of work outs were you able to maintain? I see that you did cardio and light weights but what kind of cardio? Did you do the elyptical or run on the treadmill? Also, your abs looked muscular the entire time! Did you do crunches and ab work at all during the pregnancy or did your ab muscles just stay in tact? I noticed you had a killer six pack!

  2. Hi there, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and sweet post. Congratulations on the nuptuals! How exciting to be talking about adding to your family soon! I was able to maintain my normal work outs (after the first trimester..i wanted to be safe as well as get over the terrible morning sickness that i had). I did the elyptical annd walking my whole pregnancy (nothing else for cardio). For weights I took classes using free weights. The moment i found out i was pregnant I stopped doing abs (at 4 weeks). A lot of my tummy i can thank my mom for (genetically speaking). I think cardio helps get a fit core too! I dont spend a lot of time on my abs (pre pregnancy i would do ab work for 4-5 mins twice a week at the end of my weight training class). From what I read its not good to do ab work while pregnant can risk your abs separating and damaging them (thats just what i read). THank you so much for your compliments! Makes this mama feel good! (: