Saturday, May 31, 2014

Our Baby Boy Is 10 Months Old

Our Baby Boy Is 10 Months Old

Our baby boy is 10 Months Old! Double digits!! Goodness thats hard to say. It's so bittersweet watching him grow. Every stage has become my new favorite, 10 months old has been so much fun, he's a little giggle box, he grabs my face and opens his mouth to give me a kiss, he stands holding on with one hand and has started letting go, he pulls up on everything, can scoot across furniture standing up, still crawling everywhere, exploring and venturing out, mama is his favorite and hes still dealing with some separation anxiety where he only wants me (the majority of the time), he loves his daddy & is constantly laughing when they play together, he takes 2 naps a day usually an hour and a half each or longer, sleeps 12 hours at night, eats 3 meals of solid food a day plus nursing every 3 hours and small snacks here and there, loves making fun noises with toys his mouth or banging things together, his current favorite noise is inhailing air while laughing (it's seriously hilarious, we call it the froggie noise), he loves feeding himself, he's our little water baby and we couldn't be more obsessed with him. We are approaching the time when he'll need his first hair cut and I'm pretty sad about it and trying to hold out until after his first birthday, well see how that goes. He has 8 teeth, got another new one last week so he has four on top and four on the bottom. Happy double digits little 10 month old peanut. Thank God u are a peanut, I couldn't handle u being any bigger!!!!
My husband got me a Canan Rebel camera for Mother's day so i've been playing around with it a ton this past week. I cant wait to show you all! But for now here are some pictures from this past month of him turning 10 months old (from my iphone camera roll)! 

^^^Visiting the horsies in my old childhood neighborhood. Found a horsie with the same hair as Cash! Lol^^^

^^^he crawls under the bike to get to me..sneaky little guy. This is why i can barely work out these days. I guess ill have to start succumbing to bringing him with me to the gym^^^

^^^One of my favorite pictures of this guy.^^^

^^^My best friends baby gender reveal party. Its a girl!!!! I couldn't be happier for her! ^^^

^^^he is so fascinated with the ocean^^^

^^^and the sand^^^

^^^Lying in the grass feild watching the leaves on the trees move above us. He is just so precious, i never knew i could love a human the way i love him. Its a different kind of love than i love my husband with, or my parents with, its inexplainable & so beautiful.^^^

^^^this is his favorite spot. I feed him breakfast standing up right here, hes so ready to walk (mentally) he just doesnt have his balance down quite yet".^^^

^^^Mornings at the harbor with just my guy and i, sipping coffee, watching the people walk by and looking at the boats.^^^

^^^these two... ^^^

^^^we love the outdoors and sunshine..hiking in the hills behind our home^^^

^^^We squish his face daily with kisses...all. day. long.^^^

^^^I love those after nap eyes. Sleepy babe. He has been getting these weird red bumps that stay there a day or two and then they're gone. We think hes having an allergy to something but we've tried changing his detergent and now are doing the process of elimination with foods". It seems to come after being in the grass or the sun. We're not sure though, any of you mamas have something similar happen to your babes?^^^

^^^he loves mamas blueberry applesauce pancakes^^^

^^^my boyfriend^^^

^^^heres one picture from Hawaii, a little teaser.. i just want to remember that we went right before he turned 10 months old (thats the best part about having a blog! Its a great online memory book!)"

^^^my boys surprised me with flowers, starbucks and my favorite bagels in bed on mamas day. My husband always lets our son pick out the flowers and that just kills me!!! I could get flowers from these boys daily and melt every single time. Oh and in that pink bag is my new camera... the best gift that i have been longing for, for over a year!^^^

^^^Crawling toes^^^

^^^A party in our bed! Every single morning! Cannot wait to add 3 more little people to this fun!^^^

^^^Why not eat waffles on the floor nude? We love breakfast together. & i especially love a baby in a  diaper^^^
^^^Daddys with their babies....So adorable^^^


Friday, May 23, 2014

What We Wear: Hippy Vibes & Lace

What We Wear: Hippy Vibes & Lace

 I love the bohemian look if you havent been able to tell from most of my posts. Dont get me wrong, i enjoy frilly dresses and also dressing up a like a rocker babe or super casual and comfty, but the boho relaxed vibe with a good hat is probably my favorite trend.  I'll pretty much try anything though.  I have loved this Mad Glam lace top since the moment I laid eyes on it. I styled it with a pair of bell bottoms (to give a more hippy boho style), a wide brim hat, a long feather necklace and my turquoise Bohemian Fringe necklace (in which i previously posted on here). Of course I had to pair this look with a classic nude wedge. I was feeling pretty free and fun in this get up.

Get the look:
Lace Bell Sleeve Top c/o Mad Glam
Turquoise Pendant Necklace c/o Bohemian Fringe
Wide Leg jeans Buffalo (see below)
Nude Wedges (similar below)
Feather Necklace H&M
Wide Brim Hat (old, similar below)


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Coming Home From Vacation

Hi all, we just got back from Hawaii this week so I've been trying to get back into the swing of things. Its so rough coming back from a week of complete bliss, it was paradise really, with no where to be, no distractions, just pure fun and making memories with the family.  I'm studying for my licensing exam which is in less days than i can count on both hands, so for the next few days i'll be post a little less frequently than usual. I thank you in advance for your support ladies, I'm really trying to make sure I have enough time to study in between being a wifey, a mama, and working. I have a couple posts ill be doing in the next week or so like Cash's 10 month old update, some fashion posts, and our Hawaii vacation post, so be sure to check back for those!

I hope you are having a wonderful week! I just thought i'd touch base with you all. And prayers are always welcome for passing my exam and for the focus and determination I need to study these last few days!

Be sure to swoop by Stela 9 and check out their bags! I lived in this weekender bag that I did a previous post on here


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cash's Baby Gap Picks

Cash's Baby Gap Picks

Hey all, we're in Hawaii so sorry for the lack of posts this week. Heres a quick one i put together for ya before we left.  I know a have a ton of you following our Baby Boy Style board on Pinterest (Click here to follow) as well as I get asked often on instagram (@tessaarmstrong8) where we get some of his clothes. Recently we just got some things online for our Hawaii trip and for summer and I wanted to share them with you before they're gone! I love shopping for him, probably more than I love shopping for myself. Its so fun dressing little itty bitty people.

Gap Boys' Clothing · Gap Boys' Polos · Gap Boys' Shirts

You'll be seeing Cash in those adorable camera board shorts and rash guard to match in Hawaii as well as many pool days ahead. We love striped jammies, anything blue or teal looks amazing on this kid with his blue eyes, love the striped pants, cute jean shorts, a terry cloth hat to cover their face from the sun (they can wear it in the pool too), my nephew has those gray shoes and loves them for the beach/pool, bright T's and striped pullovers and hoodies of course!



Friday, May 9, 2014

What We Wear: Ryder Smith Jewelry

 What We Wear: Ryder Smith jewelry

I am so smitten with this beautiful rose gold nameplate necklace that Ryder Smith jewelry made me! I honestly want to wear it everyday and thats just the thing, I CAN! You can layer this necklace with just about anything, mix matched golds, add in silvers and white golds for fun as well.  I like layering it with my David Yurman personalized pendant in particular because they're both so special to me.  I adore that its rose gold, that happens to be my favorite, and i LOVE LOVE that its personalized with my sons name. Anything personalized is so special to me. I could have this little guys name, birthdate, initials, dimensions on everything because every time I look at it, it reminds me of the greatest gift God has ever given my husband and I. I love that I get to walk around with a little something that symbolizes how much i adore and cherish our son, no matter where i am. 

Ryder Smith Jewelry is owned by the sweetest lady named Jennifer. She is such an angel to work with and helped me custom design this just the way I wanted it with length, material, font etc.  You guys really need to check out her online shop and see what else she has to offer, she doesn't disappoint.  

Im pretty excited to share this with you because now I can wear it all of the time! You'll be seeing this on me A TON!

On the website this specific necklace is called "Rose'"

It says "Cash", my sweet first borns name.

I even wore it on Easter because i love it soooo.