Friday, May 9, 2014

What We Wear: Ryder Smith Jewelry

 What We Wear: Ryder Smith jewelry

I am so smitten with this beautiful rose gold nameplate necklace that Ryder Smith jewelry made me! I honestly want to wear it everyday and thats just the thing, I CAN! You can layer this necklace with just about anything, mix matched golds, add in silvers and white golds for fun as well.  I like layering it with my David Yurman personalized pendant in particular because they're both so special to me.  I adore that its rose gold, that happens to be my favorite, and i LOVE LOVE that its personalized with my sons name. Anything personalized is so special to me. I could have this little guys name, birthdate, initials, dimensions on everything because every time I look at it, it reminds me of the greatest gift God has ever given my husband and I. I love that I get to walk around with a little something that symbolizes how much i adore and cherish our son, no matter where i am. 

Ryder Smith Jewelry is owned by the sweetest lady named Jennifer. She is such an angel to work with and helped me custom design this just the way I wanted it with length, material, font etc.  You guys really need to check out her online shop and see what else she has to offer, she doesn't disappoint.  

Im pretty excited to share this with you because now I can wear it all of the time! You'll be seeing this on me A TON!

On the website this specific necklace is called "Rose'"

It says "Cash", my sweet first borns name.

I even wore it on Easter because i love it soooo.


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