Tuesday, March 26, 2013

22 Weeks Pregnant Update

22 Weeks Pregnant Update:

My little bun spending time with his nephew <3

Sundays at the soccer field watching our brother play 

Watching my hubs sing at another of his shows

After my mans show <3, Im a proud wifey

Hes so cute!

Walking to get bagels with the husband, .. the view that i have now gotten use to

Spending time with our nephew.. it melts my heart seeing  my husband so gentle and attentive with Canaan. I cant wait to fall even deeper in love with him when i see him with our son 

5 and a half months pregnant at the Sons of the damned show. This was at the Constellation Room in Costa Mesa.  Im beginning to think our baby is too big now for me to continue going to shows, so i think for the next few months of this journey im going to have to take a back seat...or hide out in their dressing room, lol. 

How far along: 22Weeks (5 months 1/2 months)

Symptoms: Im seeing the dark line move upward slowly but surely its getting longer and longer up my tummy.  My belly button is halfway out at the top. I was feeling braxton hicks every other day or so but toward the end of the 22nd week i started getting them multiple times a day...i called the dr. when i had 5 in one hour (which continued for 3 hours) and the dr. on call had me go in and they monitored my belly just to tell me that everything was fine.  The nurse could barely get a read on his heart beat because he was moving all over the place. We were lauging because she had to move his heart rate monitor (belt) several times and itd take her 15 minutes to find him again.  The nurse said I had an irritable uterus at the time but nothing abnormal, just told me to keep track of how many i get in an hour and if i get more than 5 to call in again. I havent had more than 1-2 in an hour every since.  I think i need to drink more water..sometimes dehyrdation can be the culprit...but also an active baby can irritate your uterus supposedly.  Headaches are long gone. The pain in my leg has subsided thanks to the dr telling me to hydrate and stretch more! Thank God, now my work outs are easier.  I've been really messed up with my sleep schedule, I think its thanks to the time change, im hoping i get use to it.  

This baby is a WILD one. He doesnt stop moving! Okay, well he does stop here and there throughout the day...but when he gets going, he is wild in there!

Cravings: bagels, bagels bagels STILL! It doesnt help that my hubby seems to crave them too and asks me every morning if he can go get me a a bagel.. WHAT IS HE TRYING TO DO TO ME?! How can a poor prego in a slumber possibly turn down that heavenly goodness?  On top of that, this amazing man that owns "I Love Bagels" off crown valley and golden lantern, loves my husband and follows his music career and gives him gift certificates there sometimes. He is just the sweetest man and their bagels are to die for, their coffee is supberb and tastes like cupcakes! And the service is just, well, you cant beat it!
 I'm craving sweets...especially chocolate. Less citrus lately. Now in the morning instead of eggs or something salty, i want yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit, or ... you guessed it, a BAGEL. lol.

Adversions: none.. well, sometimes things ive eaten too much of.

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: getting up for bathroom trips 1-2 times still. Sleeping with 4 pillows- one in front of the belly, one along my back, one between my legs and one for my head of course.  My sweet hubby gives me bag rubs and massages nightly. Im dying for a pregnancy pillow, im thinking we should invest in one pretty soon here. When i say "we" i mean ME, Baby, and hubby.. cuz my 4 pillows are taking over the bed! And we have a big king that should sleep us comfortably.  Im really uncomfortable trying to fall asleep but once im asleep im still doing okay for now.

Excited for: . Baby shower and beginning the nursery!.. and im dreaming of what his face will look like, whos hands he will have, the way he will smell and sound! I just cant wait! Im so eager to meet him already. I think I have been since months ago!

Missing: being able to wear anything in my closet.. and feel comfortable. I had my first "MOMENT" when my husband and I were rushing off to a meeting and i couldnt find anything i wanted to wear that I felt comfty in and still fashion foward in the way that i feel good... he was patient, he tried to be helpful, he gave me kisses on my neck and hugged me and then sat on the couch and waited for me while i had my moment and tried on EVERYTHING in my closet. hahah. poor husbands, they go through so much in our pregnancies too.  (: Thank God for them!

Movement: ALL THE TIME, he is so energetic!!

Dr. update: We see the Dr again when im 6 months (24 weeks pregnant).

Exercise: I went to the gym 5 days this week ..took a couple days off after i had so many braxton hicks, just to rest and make sure everything was ok.. just a precaution.  I lifted light weights mid week 1 day, the rest i did light cardio.

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