Monday, March 11, 2013

21 Weeks Pregnant Update

21 Weeks Pregnant Update (5 months, 1 week):

We had our 21 week appointment and here is a shot of our babys "CUTE AS A BUTTON" side profile from our ultrasound

As we were fixated on our baby side profile the ultrasound technician suddenly surprised us with a 4D shot of his face!!!!!! I was in complete shock, i instantly became extremely emotional and started tearing up uncontrollably. I didnt expect to see his face, i was not prepared for it. Its like meeting the little baby you've dreamed of your whole life without knowing that you are about to meet him! We felt so grateful and blessed that she was able to share this moment with us, she said its rare that she gets the baby in the perfect position for a 4D shot. So we felt so thankful! He has his mommys nose! And he seems to have daddys beautiful lips! The ultrasound technician said this is still early to tell what he'll look like because he still has 19 weeks of growing and fattening up to do! He is the most incredible thing I have ever seen, my heart is completely in love.

She confirmed it... its a BOY!!!! Yay! We are so happy that we have a healthy baby boy. The technician told my husband he should be proud of that package.. oh boy! 

Belly shots

How far along: 21 Weeks (5 months 1 week)

Symptoms: That funny dark line has started to appear from my private area up halfway to almost my belly button now! Speaking of belly bottons, mine is not only flattened but its popping out half way at the top!!! I thought that happened way later but I guess im lucky! lol.  I feel like i've popped! This bump is showing and I no longer have to keep my hand on it so people don't just think I have a beer belly. The first half of pregnancy is making space for this little man, and now he is filling in that space. QUICKLY! I havent had much round ligament pain since weeks ago, so thats good! I had my first identifiable braxton hicks at 21 weeks and 1 day. It didn't hurt at all just got really tight and my stomach was in a tiny little ball. 

Hes kicking like crazy now. And I mean big big kicks that even my hubby can feel. Sometimes I can see them on the outside of my tummy.

Cravings: bagels, bagels bagels. I had been craving a bagel for over a month now and was trying to ignore it but this sunday I gave in.  I tried to add on some veggies (bell pepper, onion, and tomato) for my little babe growing, and the cream cheese and bread were for mama! I do try to make sure he gets great nutrients at every meal in some form. I am responsible for him, thats a lot of pressure to keep myself healthy when I know everything i do is impacting him. 

Adversions: none

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: getting up for bathroom trips 1-2 times. Tossing and turning to get comfortable. Sleeping with 4 pillows- one in front of the belly, one along my back, one between my legs and one for my head of course.  My sweet hubby gives me bag rubs and massages nightly for the back pain that usually starts as im sitting on the couch late at night or right when I lay down for bed.  Not really that comfortable these days sleeping but I know I shouldn't complain because I hear it only gets harder.

Excited for: I cant wait to see what his eyes look like! In the 4d shots you really arent able to get a good look at their eyes, they just look like giant holes. Baby shower and beginning the nursery!

Missing: my summer bod. Its beginning to warm up and im seeing all these cute clothes that I wont be able to sport for a while. So im definitely missing my pre baby bod a little bit here and there. Especially when my nightly back pain shows up!

Movement: I have a nudger inside! He is fully active and nudging on my insides. I get so excited with every movement I feel. I jerk my husband with my elbow and demand he put his hand on the belly to experience the joy that im experiencing. Its pretty magical and I just want everyone to feel it!

Dr. update: He is 100% healthy, no abnormalities or causes for concern. He is perfect and I cant not be anymore grateful. We feel so blessed and our hearts are full of joy to get these incredible results. The halfway ultrasound and all of our lab work and screenings show he is honestly a perfect little boy. We found out his head is a week and a half ahead, his body and growth is 3 days ahead of his due date (when the due date was july 21st).  So the Dr. moved his due date back to July 19th! YAY! Im hoping his head is going to slow down while everything else catches up..for my sake! My sisters baby had a big head, and OUCH, that looked painful! 

Exercise: same as last week... 1-2 days light weights, 4-5 days cardio if I can. I think Im doing well keeping it up, I know as I go i'll just keep on adjusting to how my body is responding and feeling.

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