Monday, March 11, 2013

20 Weeks Pregnant Update: HALFWAY!

20 Weeks Pregnant Update: Halfway!! 5 months!

Belly shot comparison from 4 weeks (1 month pregnant) to 20 weeks (5 months pregnant). Its amazing to see how this little baby is growing so quickly!

I was taking pics of the belly and my hubby happened to be watching and wanted to jump in for our halfway heres a sweet one to celebrate!

This past Sunday we went on a beach walk and had a picnic. I love summer time because we get to go outside and enjoy all of Gods creation in a whole new way. We have always loved going on beach walks together and talking about our future and our dreams with one another, its just something we've done since we met over 4 years ago, and I know it will be something we do when we are old and gray (we just might be sitting instead) (:

Beautiful Southern California 

How far along: 20 weeks (5 months pregnant, halfway baked!)

Symptoms:  Headaches are way less often. I rarely get them now. HURRAY!  I feel our baby moving around so much now, its the most incredible feeling.  Im still always hungry, I think this week I was even more hungry because he was going through a growth spurt (im sure there will be plenty of these in the weeks to come).  My leg is still doing the heavy/numb thing when i work out and now even when I walk. Im going to ask the Dr. about it next week.

Cravings:  Lately i've been craving chocolate- cookies & ice cream.

Adversions: none

What I'm missing: my comfortable body, being able to sleep well, and sit for more than 30 minutes without back pain.

Excited for: our 21 week appointment is next week and we get to see our little one, baby shower planning, decorating the nursery, and feeling more baby kicks!

Exercise: still pushing myself to do 1-2 days of light weight training and 4-5 days of moderate cardio.  I have definitely been having to go at a slower pace lately, even lighter weights, and slowing down on the speed of what i can do for cardio (partially due to my right leg going numb).

Feeling great, I have a lot of energy, im not anywhere near as tired as i was in the first trimester, and embracing my new curves.

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