Thursday, February 26, 2015

24 & 25 Weeks Pregnancy Update

24 & 25 Weeks Pregnancy Update:

24 week bumpin 

^^25 weeks pregnant at the beach with my little one^^

How far along: 24 (now 25) weeks pregnant

Symptoms:  Linea Nigra has made its way up my tummy. I have started to have lower back aches at night when i get into bed, i had this with Cash too and know thats its totally normal.  I can see her moving now from the outside and definitely feeling every little movement on the inside.  My uterus is about 2 inches or so above my belly button (at 24 weeks my ap says my uterus should be the size of a soccer ball, and now at 25 weeks baby is a lb and a half and 13.5 inches long).  Im now 6 months pregnant and still feeling really great. I LOVE the second trimester, its so breezy and wonderful because you get that cute little belly finally popping out, you start to feel TONS of big movements and its great for bonding, and you have energy again and no aches and pains yet... oh and lets now forget about that dreaded 1st trimester nausea thats now been gone for quite a while.  I feel like this pregnancy is f l y i n g by! I am trying to take in moments of appreciation everyday where i can embrace being pregnant and growing a baby inside of my tummy. Its such a special gift that I will always cherish and one day be sad that this time has passed.  Im just soaking up the miracle of all that is happening.

Cravings: Chocolate ! which is funny because my last pregnancy i started craving chocolate around now. Iced coffee sounds good too and chai lattes as long as im not the one making it.

Wedding Rings: OFF ): Im so sad, they fit perfectly still, i havent had any swelling yet, but i developed a contact allergy to them of some sort (i.e. contact dermetitis) ive never had this happen with any type of metal so it must be a hormone thing. Im hoping after i deliver that the allergy will go away. My finger gets red and raw and itchy where my ring is if i where them so after the second time of that happening a couple weeks ago i decided to just take them off for a while.

Belly button: out

Exercise:  Still only making it in once a week, twice if im lucky just because of our hectic schedule and Cash not digging day care (although hes doing GREAT at MOPS once a week for 2.5 hours now! wooohooo victory!).  

Sleep: sleep is alright, its hard for me to fall asleep unless my husband is giving my lower back a massage or playing with my hair. Its almost like i need a distraction now or i cant seem to feel comfortable or turn off my thoughts (again, total hormonal thing).

Maternity Clothes: So far i have 3 pairs of maternity jeans ive been rotating because theyre way more comfty, 2 pair of leggings, a couple long maternity shirts, some workout shirts and pants and sports bras that fit. I try to wear mostly normal clothing that i can reuse after pregnancy.

Excited for: My sister and i having a joint baby shower in a couple weeks! Decorating her nursery. We are starting to collect items and can't wait to put everything together. Im in total nesting mode, ive been decorating our house like crazy and just purchased my first mama car, i traded in my tiny sporty lexus for a SUV that can fit plenty of kiddos safely. I am loving not bending over to get CAsh into his carseat anymore and how much room i have in the trunk for his stroller and all of our beach toys etc.  I didn't know how big i was missing out!

Missing: I miss being able to work out regularly, im too tired early in the morning before my husband goes to work, and im too tired at night when he gets home late to go to the gym. Everything else is going great!! Im really enjoying this stage

We can't wait to meet our little baby girl!

To view my 24 weeks pregnancy post for my first pregnancy with our little boy, see here.

I have some fun materntiy looks coming up! I also will be doing a baby haul for baby girl shops/clothes/items, as well as some baby necessities i think every mama needs! Stay tuned for those! Also, i have a 'healthy quick meals recipe' post coming soon as per your requests!


  1. You look so darn cute!! And great job for working out once a week. I don't even do that and I am not even pregnant again yet. :D

    Summer Ann
    Simply Summer Ann Blog

    1. Thank you!! Its sometimes reaaaaaal rough getting myself there but once im there im so happy i went (:

  2. Do you mind sharing where you got your cute striped dress from? Thanks!

    1. Yes its by Calvin Klein (: Love it!! good maxi for prego or not, i bought it 2 summers ago while pregnant with Cash