Monday, March 24, 2014

Products We Love: A Blue Swallow + 30% OFF Discount!

Products We Love: A Blue Swallow + 30% OFF Discount!

Hi ladies,  I wanted to share these adorable custom made and hand made mugs with you all!! A Blue Swallow makes all sorts of beautiful designs. Go check out there shop here to see more. This adorable Aztec mug with has a hand painted feather motif design combined with lines, shapes, and dots! I love it!! This is my new favorite mug to have my morning coffee in...and we all know coffee is a mama must have!  A Blue Swallow makes these microwave and dishwasher safe so you dont have to worry about losing the beautiful design. The owner of the shop, Carmen, is such a sweety and i relate to her so much! Heres what she has to say:

Until the birth of our son, Makai Elisha. I was absolutely in love when I saw his face. I went from wanting a career and getting my Masters Degree, to wanting to stay at home and watch him breathe every second of the day and stare at him even in a stalkerish way ;) I dreaded returning back to work and began to make plans on how to stay home (without killing us financially).

So here we are, a new budding idea full of life and creativity. When I'm not working or running around enjoying my little one grow I'm fervently working on something new for you!

Oh Carmen, im right there with ya and we will support you any way we can! I work two days a week and those two days are still so hard for me to leave him! I confess I just want to stare at my little all day long too!   

Scroll below for A 30% off Coupon Code, this mug originally is only $14 so with the discount that is a STEAL!

Any which way ya turn it its beautiful!

Coupon Code for 30% OFF (good through April 2nd ): TESSA

Check out A Blue Swallow here


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