Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Aspen Vacation: Destination Winter Wonderland Wedding

Aspen Vacation: Destination Winter Wonderland Wedding

Last month, as most of you know, we were blessed to be able to go to my best friend Tegan's wedding in Aspen Colorado.  We had such a great trip with my husband, our little guy, and both of my parents.  It was so fun to take Cash on his first flight, see some of my closest friends from high school, spend time relaxing and having fun as a family, and be able to be a part of Tegans most special day.  She was absolutely breath taking, i wouldnt expect anything less, and her husband is a dream boat with such a sweet heart and so much love for my besty.  I am so happy for the two of them and this journey of marriage they just began.  I wanted to share some of the photos from our vacay with all of you, as you have become a part of our little fam and our life.  If you are ever traveling to Aspen I have some great places to eat and visit here for ya! Also, I of course have to share these GORGEOUS and GLAM filled wedding photos.  It truly was a winter wonderland wedding and such a joy to be a part of. 

Thank you Tegan & Ryan for inviting Us to participate in the magic that your wedding was. And thank you Lord for safe travels & another great couple united together through you.  I love you sweet Tegz. 
 Breathtaking! So thankful they found each other across the country from their homes.

MOH, my good friend Catie and her sweet bf.

details, details, details.

Im pretty sure Ryan (the groom) made these!

These people make me such a better person. I just love and cherish every moment i have with them

Capturing mama and daddys night out without the little boo 

She is a walking dream

Okay, now this just melts me. There is N O T H I N G like when my dad or husband have my sweet little boy in their grasp. It really just makes me the happiest mama there ever was.

Playing peekaboo.. his favorite game

Stop it! I love how he looks at me

Goodbye brunch

Doing some tummy time at the airport in between flights

 We literally took off in a snow storm to get home. A blizzard hit the morning we were supposed to leave, a lot of people had to stay another day or tried to drive to another airport to fly out.. we were some of the lucky ones that managed to sneak onto another plane and get home safely.

7 hour lay over... finding ways to entertain ourselves 

Waiting to go home at the airport

Sleeping on me on the plane. Ill do a separate post on how we were able to work out naps and keep his ears unplugged during take off etc (traveling with a baby post)

Some photo booth fun

Being entertained by gramma

This little stud was such a trooper! He had so much fun and was giggling up a storm! I posted a video of him cracking up during descention on intsa if youd like to see.

We have arrived!

Getting on our second flight from Denver to Aspen

I love this shot. This is my tribe. And his eyes peaking over.. i meannnnnn. 

Snow bunny

Our beautiful view of the slope from our room balcony at the Sky hotel

Outdoor free Soup and songs.. not sure if they do this often in Aspen but it was a hit to see. 

Oh hey there handsome in the window.

 Dinner at Mezzuluna (great italian restaurant you must try if you visit Aspen)

Right outside of our room at the Sky hotel

Coffee stops were a must for this freezing/tired team

Just hanging at the airport before our next flight

Oh Aspen, you are just a wonder to my eyes.

Cash was so great about being consistent with his normal nap schedule. He still managed to get all 3-4 naps in throughout the day, one in the hotel crib in the morning, 2 in the afternoon usually out and about, and a fourth at home while we were getting ready for dinner. He even managed to get to bed on time (6-6:30 cali time, 7-7:30 Colorado time.. with an exception of 1 night he stayed up until 8 Colorado time.  We had a hired babysitter come to our hotel room just to watch the monitor as he slept. It worked out great because she watched movies in my parents, we had a joint room that cash was sound asleep in.

Mr. blondie.

My handsome fella

Little gentleman

I wish my iphone didnt snap such a grainy pic.. anywho, these two were just so beautiful commiting their lives to one another.

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