Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What We Wear: Threads And Arrows Plus A Discount

 What We Wear: Threads And Arrows

I have been away in Aspen so I apologize for the lack of posts as of late.. we came home on Sunday and Monday I woke up to the stomach flu (thought maybe it was delayed altitude sickness or food poisoning but now my dad and husband have been hit with it). 

Anywho, i have been OBSESSING over these moccosins! Threads And Arrows has the best deal and makes the cutest moccs. We are mocc crazy over here! I just love this color they sell called "Toast Brown" in suede leather. They are elastic around the ankle for a secure fit and so so comfty for my little ones soft little feetsies. They have a great selection of colors, both bright colors like Magenta Purple and neautrals like these Toast Brown ones. 

Threads And Arrows is offering free shipping (for domestic shipping) with COUPON CODE: TESSARAYANNE
Check out their shop here: Threads And Arrows
Follow on instagram for the latest styles and colors: @threadsandarrows

I cant get enough of my little cutie pie! But seriously, look at these cute mocs!

Fox Onsie by Baby Gap
Moccosins c/o ThreadsandArrows


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