Sunday, January 19, 2014

Baby Products We Love: GroVia

Baby Products We Love: GroVia

For all my mamas and mamas to be I love sharing my personal review on baby products. GroVia sent us these new Hybrid Cloth diapers to try and we LOVE them! They come in so many colors and styles, which is fun in and of itself, but they are also super absorbant and can fit your baby from 8-30 lbs!!! Thats a savings i'm worth listening to! These are so easy, you simply pick out a shell (the color or style) and then choose if you'd like a disposable "BioSoaker pad" or a "Organic Cotton Soaker" that is reusable.  Im all about anything organic, so i chose the organic cotton soakers (here) that are reusable after you wash them.  The BioSoaker pads you can simply throw them away (here).

We had no leaks and both the shell (the green outer layer) and the organic cotton soaker (the inside liner) were really easy to wash! Check out some adorable pictures of little Cash wearing the GroVia Hybrid diaper (Grovia link).  I also put some of GroVia's easy to understand diagrams to show you how simple these are.  

Lastly, we they sent us their Grovia Magic Stick Diaper Balm (here). This is one of my favorites! First of all its ALL NATURAL (A++!!!).  This is easily and cleanly applied because it is a twist-up tube! The balm is colorless (you cannot see a thing! it applies thinly, i have a picture below of it on my hand but that is after me applying it several times to show you), its all organic, and basically the best balm ever for your babies booty!

Heres how they work!

Love this print for girls!

And i mean, who doesnt love little pandas!

You can only see it because I applied a thick layer! Its really not visible when you put it on your babies bottom.
Heres the diaper balm stick. It is amazing!

Here are the Organic Cotton reusable inserts. They snap in like the picture shows below.

For those of you mamas that love organic and baby friendly products here is a company you will love! No more wasting money on diapers you just toss in the trash. 

*I have to include that this is a product review. We use all sorts of diapers from Pampers, Huggies, Lovies, and Honest diapers (all sorts). i am really not picky and do no discriminate any diaper or against a mother's choice for her child. 



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  2. Your son didn't leak through with it sized that way? It looks like there are gaps by his thighs. Just curious bc my son is a very heavy wetter and we deal with leaks more than I would like.

    1. Yes this one was a litte too big on him. Hes a little peanut so most things are a little big on him. He grew into them within a month. I hope that helps! I know a lot of moms will double up on diapers for leaks, or get over night diapers. maybe try those!