Friday, January 10, 2014

Babies First Cold & Babies First Tooth!

Babies First Cold & Babies First Tooth!:

My sweet angel picked up a nasty cold virus from his cousins up in Big Bear. When you're sharing a home with 14 people and 10 of them are sick, the other 4 are bound to catch it. Those other four people, included me, Cash, my husband and my dad. So basically my whole family left vacation starting to feel ill. We arrived home Sunday and Cash had already caught it bad! By monday we were calling the Dr asking if we should bring him in or what we could do to remedy his cold.  The Dr. advised we come in, with a baby only 5 1/2 months old they're so young still and the Dr. was concerned his cough (and choking on flem) could mean that fluid was settling in his lungs. AKA Pneumonia. Yikes.  We took him in right away to see the Dr.. not our Doc but the morning doctor.  I preface it with "not our Doc" because this lady was cold, clinical, unfriendly, and short. Nothing like our sweet Dr. Mike.  Anyhow, she didn't really say or do much. She confirmed he didnt have a fever, that he didnt have an ear infection, and that he had a cold, his throat was really red and sore, and would most likely be sick for close to two weeks.  She also told us the great news that his lungs were fluid free.  What she didnt say was how we could help him, or ease his aches and pains. Or tell us anything to help him for that matter.

I asked a bunch of you on instagram as well as all of my mama family and friends. You guys gave me great suggestions. So we went out and bough a humidifier for his room to help his congestion and to help him breathe, we bought Maty's all natural chest rub to put on his chest and his feet (with socks) at night to help ease his cough, we gave him tylenol for the aches and pains and to help his sore throat (he kept waking up all night long crying and was extremely fussy but the tylenol seemed to help).  We went out and bought infant Motrin because someone told us that helped with inflamation (his throat) more than Tylenol would.  We gave him baths to help soothe his achey body and help his nose clear up. I sat in the bathroom with the shower on HOT HOT HOT water so the steam would help him breathe and get rid of his sad little cough.  We used the Nose Frieda with baby saline spray (worked like a charm but he hated it).  And of course, we cuddled him all day long to help comfort him. He would only sleep in my arms the first few days during naps.  A week into his cold i discovered a tooth coming in! My poor baby was battling teething and a nasty cold all for the first time.

His tooth broke through within three  days but now we are waiting on the  tooth next to it to cut through. We are giving him Motrin, because that seems to be the best for inflammation. We also have all natural gel to out on his gums for those moments whn the medicine hasn't kicked in yet.

cash getting his first tooth is bittersweet. It makes me excited an chapped but also sad that he's becoming a little boy instead of little baby. Any of you mamas feel that way?


  1. now a follower...thank you!!! I have a 3 month old boy, and love to get ideas from your stylish baby :)

    1. So happy to have you sweet girl! <333 Congrats on your new bundle of love!!! So exciting! xxo