Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Baby Boy Is 4 Months Old!

My Baby Boy Is 4 Months Old!

((Of course a picture overload & a 4 month old update))

17 Weeks

My sweet little boy,

My how you've changed! And so quickly! Other moms tried to prepare me for how fast you'd transform week by week, right in front of my eyes, but I couldn't possibly understand the truth of that until experiencing it myself. These past 4 months have been so beautiful and such a blessing & I say that not to imply that everything has been perfect but that you are perfect and have made our family so happy and whole

We are always excited to be woken up by you even if it's at 6am with this time change. Your sweet smile has gotten even sweeter as you've grown older, if that is even possible. You have learned to roll over, belly laugh (my absolute favorite!), smile a ton, you blow spit bubbles and purse your lips and it makes everyone around you laugh, you have mastered bringing toys to your mouth, you can actually enjoy tummy time now, you hold your head up without any trouble, you know who mama and daddy are, you are a curious little guy who loves to people watch the moment you leave the house, you make the most insanely adorable sounds (coos, screeches, and all sorts of laughs and cries), you wake at 4am to eat ..still ..(probably because you don't eat enough during the are Mr. curious and get distracted by your surroundings), you are still looking like your daddy's twin but people say you have my eyes (yes!, I hope I'm as cute as you), you know how to suck your thumb and often are shoving your hands into your mouth and drooling a TON (Dr. says you could be doing this for months before your first tooth breaks through). You have grown into such a handsome little bud who now fits into 4 month old clothes, even though you are still so teeny tiny you seem so much bigger to mama. Thank you for being such a wonderful baby. You are so calm at just the right moments and make leaving the house so easy for mommy. You take 3-4 naps a day and have gotten pretty good about falling asleep all on your own. I am one proud mom to be walking around with your sweet soul. 

I love the way you've changed, you are so much fun and fill our home with such love and joy with your playful spirit. My days with you are such a gift, each day you remind me what life is about. I see our Creator through you and in you. You literally take my breath away when I stair at you sometimes... you are so beautiful when you sleep, so beautiful when you smile, so beautiful when you need me, so beautiful how you trust, so beautiful the way you play, so beautiful with daddy, so beautiful as you learn, so so beautiful... There is no better word to describe you.  You are beautiful. You are the most magnificent beautiful being I have ever seen.   It warms my heart that God loves you even more than I. I'm forever thankful for you and cannot believe that God chose me to be your mama. 

Happy Four months my little beautiful peach. 


  1. I adore this! Everything you said about your little bub is the way i feel about mine :-D

  2. I give you endorsement about what you said and write your sweet little boy and make my heart to say same like you to my little son who is going turn 6 months on February 10th 2014. I really appreciate how you love the beautiful in your home.