Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all you lovelies. I have been slacking on posts lately because my charger has been broken to my lap top so we have been waiting on the new one I ordered online and in the mean time I've been using my iPad (which is much more complicated when it comes to posting pics and typing). But I'm here and making it work for now! 

I am  thankful for so much this year, my husband, my son, our home, food to eat, healthy bodies, happy hearts, family that lives close and are my best friends, friends that I get to walk life with, my salvation, and I'm thankful for freedom from the things that use to keep me in shackles..thank you God for rescuing me. I am also profoundly thankful for my blogger fam! I love interacting with you all via Facebook, instagram, pinterest  and this lovely little online journal I call my blog. Community is what life is all about, fellowshipping and connecting with you guys is so special to me. I jut love sharing our life with such incredible people! For those of you I've had the chance to talk with , thank you for your love and support, for those of you I've yet to meet and chat with, let's get to it!

Yesterday was so much fun! It was Cash's first real holiday (if you don't count Halloween) and celebrating his first Turkey day was so much fun for these first time parents and and grand-parents. I can't wait to show you the generational photos we took with my entire family and all the grandkids. Cash is the youngest but he sure loves his cousins! His cousin Payten is 3 and she held him for the first time yesterday..its safe to say he was smitten. He locked eyes with her and never looked away. Cuteness to the max!

This little one is troubleee.. This was about the best shot we could get. She doesn't stop moving. She's the ultimate energizer bunny and I love her for it! 

We spent Brunch with my side of the family, which happens to be a circus! And we spent the late afternoon and evening with my husbands side of the fam..most of his parent's relatives live in beautiful Colorado so they get together with their California fam (a group of friends they've made a home with these past 20+ years). It's so fun to see everyone and mingle and catch up.  It's also more meaningful when you get to make a dish and see if everyone likes it! I made my kale broccoli slaw (I always try to bring a healthy element to the table on holiday feast days! There tends to be a lot of golden options but not a ton of greens!). You can check out the homemade recipe I posted here: Healthy Kale Broccoli Slaw Salad
We didn't get around to games this year..which happens to be one of my favorite things about holiday get-togethers! So I'll be praying for double the game time during Christmas and New Years festivities!!

What's your favorite thing to do when you spend the holidays at a family/friend/or work get-together? also, what's something you are Thankful for?
Uncle Garrett and little Parker

Cannan giving Cashy some love.

I love this family of mine.

Auntie Kelsey holding Cash.. i think shes pretty close to wanting another one.. dont ya think?

Aunty Courtney and Cash

Great grandma (Nana) holding Cash for the very first time. Melts my heart. 

 He just adores her & she cannot get enough of him... i cant wait to see him with our little princess in the future,.. whenever that is.

 Isnt my mother-in-law just the cutest? I love these two first time grand parents. They love my son so much & it makes me so happy

Im her little girl, and hes my little boy. My mama.


  1. We can't see the pictures :(

  2. all fixed (: Not sure what happened there but im guessing it has something to do with using my ipad. Thanks for letting me know. xo