Saturday, November 9, 2013

Winter Boots: Aldo

Winter Boots: Aldo

Aldo Boots
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Who doesn't love a great boot for Fall/Winter? Here are some of my favorites from one of my top favorite boot companies.  From tall boots with skinny jeans to short ankle boots with black or printed tights, Im crazy about a good boot for winter fashion.  I even included some motor boots for those days when you just want something casual and edgy.  I love BUCKLES. I love Black because it goes with everything.  And Anything with a heel can be a game changer for any outfit.  Its fun to mix it up but getting at least one solid boot that you can wear with anything is crucial for winter.  FREE SHIPPING if you spend $60+. You also get 10% off all items if you sign up with your email! 

What are some of your favorite brands for boots?

Heres one of my favorite pair and I wear them ALL the time.. they JUST WENT ON SALE!! They're Vincent Camuto and they have great detail up the back of them (i bought them last christmas on sale too!)

Happy shopping & a lovely weekend to you!