Thursday, November 7, 2013

Love Letters Guest Post: BabiesandBrewskies Blog

Love Letters Guest Post: BabiesAndBrewskies Blog

Letters To Myself, My Son, And From God

Wow, when I was asked to be a part of the "Love Letter" series I have to admit I was beyond flattered and so thrilled to start writing! I read some of the previous "Love Letter" posts for inspiration and a idea of what to write.  In doing so I had the idea to write 3 letters. One to myself, one to my son, and one from God, or rather what i think He'd want me to know. When Kassi approached me about writing a guest post for this series i was really excited and wanted what I wrote to be transparent, honest, and my personal experience of what I was going through at that moment in parenthood. . . Cash was still a newborn and life was crazy to say the least.  

I really hope you enjoy these three letters and can find something to relate to, and I think you would truly like her whole series, so hop on over and check out her blog!  

Heres an excerpt from one of my letters, to my son:
"Your smile reminds me not to worry. It pricks my heart and tells me I'm foolish for caring so much about things that don't matter, when what really matters is right in front of me. Your smile. Your heart. To protect you, love you, and lead you. Daddy feels the same way. We often talk about how you've changed  our lives & how we couldn't dream of  having a child so perfect for us. You make us love deeper, you connected us in a way that isn't possible without you. You are a literal dream.come.true.  It's been a whirlwind trying to figure out this new life with you in it, but these are the memories we'll laugh about when you're older and we've figured out how to balance & juggle everything. Life with you is so sweet, it's tender and delicate, each day brings something new. The simplest of things is so b e a u t i f u l, life with you honestly means so much to me.  I watch you learning & growing from morning to night, day after day & my heart gets so excited.  I understand God's love & how He must see us even more through loving you and being your mommy. It's truly the only unconditional love. There's nothing you could do to ruin or spoil the love I have for you sweet boy. My hope is for you to always feel my love and never question how deep it goes..."

To read on and find the other two letters click below:

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