Thursday, November 14, 2013

Easy Quick Healthy Meals: What I've Been Eating Lately

Easy Quick Healthy Meals: What I've Been Eating Lately

Here are some of the meals i've made over the past few days.  Im all about balance, I like to aim for healthy but if something doesnt taste right without adding a little cheese or cream here and there then ill go ahead and add it in there.  When I cook i usually try to add in lots of veggies, one starch, and a protein.  

Swedish Meatballs, Brown Rice Pasta and a side of Grilled Zucchini:  These swedish meatballs are from traders and they're super easy to grill up (you can store a bunch in the freezer for lazy nights when you don't feel like cooking from scratch).  I always try to use brown rice pasta to make pasta nights a little more healthy, and then grilled up some onion and garlic in olive oil to add some flavor to Trader Joes spicy Arrabiata sauce (this sauce is great with seafood pasta as well). It has the perfect amount of spice from sweet red peppers and tasted great with the swedish meatballs. 
For grilling the zucchini as well as what the brown rice pasta looks like click here to see my previous quick meals post where i posted pics and talked more in depth about it: Easy Quick Healthy Meals

Chicken Serenada Tacos:
This was another easy meal that tasted so delicious.  I grilled up Traders "Chicken Serenada", its fresh  chicken breast with grilled bell peppers and grilled onion all pre-marinated and precooked, you just need to reheat on the stove. I am not a fan of precooked meals but traders doesnt add any preservatives and you have to eat their food within a few days or it goes bad. Its just as though you made it yourself.  I threw it on an ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla (super healthy and so yum!), with some shredded cabbage, avocado, a little mexican cheese blend, and lettuce.  You can add on tapatio or salsa if youd like but i thought the chicken gave it plenty of flavor. 

Shrimp Tacos with Lime chipotle sauce:
Shrimp tacos are my hubbys favorite and i haven't made them in so long! I decided to give them a twist by topping them with a delicious homemade lemon chipotle sour cream sauce.  I uses fresh shrimp (it cooks fast so be careful), I cooked the shrimp in olive oil with a sprinkle of chipotle, chili powder, garlic, salt, and 2 tablespoons of salsa and a half of a lime.  I piled it onto the same Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas as above with shredded cabbage, a sprinkle of a mexican cheese blend, and avocado. I squeezed fresh lime on top and then added my homemade sauce.
For the sauce:  you'll need 1/4 cup light sour cream or greek yogurt. Half of a lemon or a whole lime. A 1/4 teaspoon of the following spices: chili powder, chipotle, garlic, cumin,  fresh or dried cilantro salt and pepper to taste. Add in minced jalepeno (i used 4 little slivers from a jar)  You will love this sauce and can use it on fish tacos as well! It makes the tacos!

Filet Mignon with Grilled Zucchini and Onion with a Side Kale Salad:
I am not a huge red meat kinda gal but once in a while I enjoy a nice steak. I grilled up some filets, added a side of zucchini and grilled onion (off the grill instead of grilling it on stove top), and a side of my kale salad that is also one of my husbands favorites!  For the Kale salad recipe go here (at the bottom of the post): Healthy Recipes and Ideas: What I've Been Eating Lately

Eat up & Enjoy Ladies! 

What are some of your favorite easy quick and healthy recipes/ideas?!


  1. Hi! Love your blog! I'm a 35 week mom to be and I am wondering after giving birth what your daily meal plans are like? For instance do you eat ; meals a day or try to eat only when hungry or every 3 hours? I feel like in this last month my eating has given way to cravings and unstructured bad habits. Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Caitlin, so happy to have you here! And congratulations to you, you are about to become a mama!!! The greatest gift in the world! I totally know how that last month is with cravings (mine were definitely for sweets!) and that last month you need extra calories (300) i believe so try to balance your meals out with 2-3 healthy meals and maybe 1 unhealthy meal or dessert after dinner? Thats mainly what i did while pregnant. As far as after the baby goes, you are caring for this little human (for the first time if you are a first time mom) and the last thing you think about is planning out what to eat. That first month i ate whatever my mother cooked me or what my husband brought home. We stayed with my parents for 3 weeks for the extra help so that was really nice. I remember being in bed some of the day trying to nap when the baby napped because i was up all night breastfeeding and completely exhausted. Your body is also trying to recover from labor. So there were meals that I skipped while i was sleeping (like breakfast) which isnt good for breastfeeding (so a trick i started doing was keeping snacks by my bedside.. id eat a bar in the middle of the night even if i got hungry after breast truly wipes you OUT in the beginning!). Getting enough fluids and calories is so important while breastfeeding so i havent done ANY dieting what-so-ever. But i do try to make sure to eat a couple healthy meals a day with maybe a cheat meal and/or dessert (think of your body as your babies life line through breast milk, what you eat effects the quality of your milk). That always pushes me to make healtheir choices for my son. With that said, i eat breakfast, then lunch, then usually i snack on something a couple hours later and then i eat dinner and usually a dessert of some form (this is new after i started nursing) I now HAVE to have a dessert, you will see the sugar cravings are UNREAL while breastfeeding.. because most of milk is made up of sugar. eeeek>. thats a challenge and cant wait for it to be gone after im done nursing at 1 yr.. I hope that answered your questions! Oh and i tend to eat more during dinner (i know most people say eat your biggest meal at breakfast but im not starving in the morning and i eat just for fuel, nothing really sounds that great.. but dinner foods get me more excited so i definitely eat more then.. breakfast its more of a bowl of cereal or oatmeal these days).