Friday, October 11, 2013

Easy Quick Healthy Meals

Easy Quick Healthy Meals:

When you are a mama on the go like I am, but you reallllly dont like to eat out every night and at the same time barely have any time to cook you have to figure out how to make something that is healthy, quick, and easy,...and of course, delicious.  Here are some of the meals i've made over the past couple weeks that I remember to snap a few pics of.  I try to make 2 completely home made meals a week, we go out 1 night usually on the weekend, and then the other 2-3 nights i'll whip up something quick like this: 

CousCous Stuffed Salmon: I posted this salmon and brown rice recipe a couple weeks ago, instead of broccoli I grilled up some zucchini, i wanted to post it again because the zucchini was so easy, i used an herb spice mix, salt and olive oil and they were so yummy!

Chicken, Pesto, Spinach, Pepperjack Panini: I used 1 tablespoon of Tj's premade pesto sauce (not the jar, the container), olive oil to grill the bread (i used TJ's cracked wheat sour dough guilty pleasure), a handful of spinach, 1 pepperjack slice, pregrilled chicken (packaged by Tjs.. the upside is its fresh and quick to use but the downside is you have to use it within a couple days or it goes bad), and sliced red bell pepper.. so good!

Veggie Stuffed Peppers with a hodgepodge of what I had in the frige/feezer (i deperately needed to go grocery shopping, this was at the end of last week) Salad, and Meetless meatballs over Brown Rice with teriyaki sauce. Took just 10 minutes.

PASTA NIGHT! I made spaghetti with TJ's organic brown rice spaghetti noodles (this was my first time using the spaghetti noodles, i had only used their penne --which i like better, but they were still good), i grilled up some ground turkey and onion, and then used Tj's ogranic Tomato basil Marinara (much quicker than doing it from scratch).  Then I made some kale salad which i've posted on in the past, its olive oil, lemon, garlic, red crushed pepper, salt and paremsan cheese.. sooo delicious.
I just realized that i used these (spaghetti noodles) when i made pasta on a different night last week.. I used rotini brown rice noodles this week (in the pic below)

 Trader's is pumpkin crazy right now for the Fall season, so we decided to try out their pumpkin spice coffee and i looove it.

Curry Chicken and Veggies over Brown Rice: I buy Tj's premarinated meats sometimes, this was their curry chicken tenders, i grilled them up and used their 3 minute microwavable brown rice (in the frozen section, ive posted on this before as well), and then chopped up some veggies and used their curry sauce to top it off and give it some moisture. 


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