Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween all! I get so excited for Halloween solely for the excuse to dress up! I love love love designing costumes and coming up with creative ideas! This year my husband and I decided not to dress up (we usually do every year) and to make it ALL about Cash. Deciding on what to dress him up as was a little bit of a challenge. We wanted him to look cute, be comfortable, and to be something later in life he'd not be too embarrassed by, and still be unique!

The fun part for me is creating the costume. I love doing DIY projects. So this year he's going to be a baby lion cub! I found the sweetest little hat on etsy that is handmade to fit his sweet little face. I then found a furry jacket to match and then some brown leggings.  We wanted to do little paws but I couldn't find anything that would work so we settled on some adorable brown baby uggs (they're actually the same uggs we held in our hands for our pregnancy announcement holiday card last Christmas, so adorable that now he's here to wear them!).  I was going to make his costume with fur on his tummy on one of his onesies but it will be way to cold for him to wear that at night trick or treating. So the jacket worked out great! My favorite part is going to be the whiskers and tiny nose I'm going to draw in his chubby little cheeks and sweet button nose! 

I can't wait to see him all done up.  I'll share some photos later, but I just wanted to wish everyone a happy halloween and tell everyone to be safe and have fun! 

We'll be trick or treating with our friends and family tomight  It's very special because it's Cash's first Halloween as well as his cousins who turns one this Saturday! They're 8 and a half months apart and I found out I was pregnant 1 week after he was born! We are so excited for them to be so close in age and grow close as they get older!

Eat lots of candy & take tons of photos!

Have a lovely day! 

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