Friday, October 25, 2013

My Baby Boy Is Three Months Old!

My Baby Boy Is Three Months Old:

My sweet son, I can't believe how quickly you are growing! Im watching you nap right now as I type this post just stealing a moment of how tiny and small you are.  I love to watch you, these days thats my favorite thing to do. I have so much joy in my heart observing you learning more each day & turning into this little man with such a big personality! Being a mom has changed me, its changed mommy and daddys marriage, its changed our entire life.  I love the way your daddy plays with you and is so gentle when putting you to sleep but quickly forgets how little you still are when he gets the urge to tickle you, toss you up in the air, and play with you like you are a big boy. Its the sweetest because you are so kind to him, I think you know we're still learning too.  I can tell that you are already so in love with us too, you give my whole body chills when you stair at me straight in the eyes after you're done eating and start smiling so BIIIG. You have sweet little dimples in your smile lines & your eyes smile as your lips curve up. Everyone says you have flirty eyes.. I agree.  You flirt with me all day long and make mama feels so special.  Your little soul brightens my world so very much.

My favorite time of the day is the morning and the night with you. In the morning you are so so happy to be awake, you are also really well rested after sleeping 13 1/2 hours, you pretty much feel refreshed and let everyone around you know you are ready to party! You want to play and talk for a good solid hour, then you get sleepy again and take your first nap (typically 1-2 hours).  Night time is also my favorite because mommy and daddy get time together with you. You are also up for 2 hours (which usually you only are up for 1 hour in between your naps) before your bed time from 4-6pm. We get to give you a bath, put lotion on you, read you books, and watch you smile and coo while we talk to you, sing to you and make funny faces at you.  One thing I want to never forget is how soft your little hands are.. whether you are guiding my hand putting your binky into your mouth (you gently push your hand against the back of mine), or how you grab at my chest when you are eating, or how you touch my face with your hands when im leaning over you when you are playing on the ground, your hands are always so soft and warm and I never want to forget.  They smell sweet like milk from you stuffing them into your mouth (which is so adorable and keeps you entertained for quite some time).

Daddy put you on the scale with him last week (12 weeks old) and you weighed somewhere around 12 pretty sure you are much bigger this week because you are going through a definite growth spurt. You went from being my little problem eater (eating only for 5 minutes on one side total) to my great eater! You now eat around 8 mins on average during the day and at morning and night you eat anywhere from 9-13 mins.  BIG improvement.  Your sleep has been interrupted because of this growth spurt, you are waking up often to eat now..every 2-3 hours the last 2 days. But before that you were sleeping 13 1/2 hours from 6pm to 7:30am with one dream feed at 10:30pm and waking to eat at 4am.  You put yourself to sleep... sometimes for naps you wake up wanting your binky but you fall right back asleep.  You'e been doing 3-4 naps a day this past month from 1-2 hours each. 

You dont full on belly laugh just yet but you make a silly little giggly high pitched noise sometimes when you smile (like a semi laugh).  You do tummy time without crying now but only for short periods, you rolled over twice for daddy this wek (13 weeks old).  You are obsessed with your piano toy and love kicking the key board and batting at the toys hanging above your head.  You coo & talk up a storm while youre playing. The moment you see yourself  in the mirror on this toy you light up & a huge smile spreads across your face!  Its the cutest thing!  You're wearing 0-3 month clothes now.  You are a perfect baby & only cry for 10 or so minutes right before bed around 5:30pm or when you're hungry or wake too early from your nap & want to go back down.  

You are such a joy & a blesing to mommy & daddys lives!


  1. What a cutie pie! And such sweet words from a moms heart.

  2. So cute! I love the child! Sorry, I just found out about lil old Cash. He is so cute.