Friday, October 18, 2013

Everyday Makeup Look: Great for Fall

An Everyday Makeup Look: Great for Fall

Taken in natural lighting without flash. 

  Taken with a flash

 I used Blush Brush Mac 161S, and two of their eyeshadow brushes 163S, and 165S

I use Loreal Brow stylist pencil to fill in any empty spaces in my eyebrows.  Eyebrows really help shape your face and can change your entire look 

I used these three Mac eyeshadows: "Jest", "all that glitters", "sketch".  I use All that Glitters all over my eyelid below the crease. I use Jest in the corner of my eye on the top and bottom.  I use Sketch on the corner of my eyelid and the outer edge of my crease. Sketch is a great color for green eyes, it makes them pop! It has a bit of a maroon tint to it.  One that I didnt use that i LOVE is called Satin Taupe, i use it all over my lid by itself or will darken my crease with a tiny bit of matte brown shadow for more of a dramatic look.  

I used the bronze color on the bottom right, this is from a Loreal eyeshadow palet. I use this under my bottom lashes on top of smudged black pencil eyeliner to soften the look.  I included the bronze shadow but its in a different palet now (mixed with a lighter gold).

I used the bottom brown matte color from a Lancome palet i have. I used this all over the crease of my eyelid. I included one similar below.

I put eyeliner half way on my top lid starting from the outside to the center of my eye and then i lightly line the bottom lashes and shade bronze over it to soften the look.   Then add mascara, bronzer(included below), blush and you are good to go!  I included my favorite mascara again because I get a lot of questions about which one I use.  These are all very neutral colors that you can play with and mix and match.

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  1. this would be pretty in the summer too! Thank you for sharing