Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fashion: Knuckle Rings and A Discount!

Fashion: Knuckle Rings and A Discount!

GLAMROCKSdesigns from Etsy is giving 10% off to all of my readers if you use the coupon code: TESSASBLOGFAM.  The owners name is Kristen & she is such a sweet heart! She sent me three of her Hexagon rings & two of her newest collection called the Cresent knuckle ring (Black & Gold). Her rings come in different dimensions (different sizes to fit your knuckles) and she does the stacked rings in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and Sterling Silver, you decide.  
Here i have on both the crescent rings and the hexagon knuckle rings... The crescent rings are two toned (a dark silver (black) and yellow gold combo, you can wear them both showing or spin them around depending on what jewelry you are mix/matching with them). 

I love mixing rose gold, yellow gold, and silver together.

 Heres a better shot of the crescent ring on my middle finger

Its always fun to dress up your hands

 I borrowed these next three shots from Kristens Etsy shop so you could see more of the details...

Shop for the Hexagon rings here: Set of 2 Hexagon rings
Shop for the Cresent Moon rings here: Crescent Knuckle Rings
Dont forget to use the coupon code: TESSASBLOGFAM for 10% off!

 Im wearing all 5 rings here at the pumpkin patch with my little family this past week.  They're so much fun to dress up your outift.

She has some really great pieces in her shop, when you get a moment go check it out!

Go checkout her etsy shop here: GLAMROCKSdesigns Etsy Shop

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