Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Picks For Baby Products: Giggle Tree Toys

 Our Picks For Baby Products: Giggle Tree Toys

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I will always share with you all our picks for safe, fun, and adorable baby products! Im all about reading reviews on products we'll be using with Cash before purchasing them. And even better, I LOVE when my mama friends tell me from their personal experience what worked for them and what didn't.  So Im going to be doing more posts on baby friendly products that our family fully supports and hopefully we can share in this little blog community what products that all you other mamas and mamas-to-be enjoy. 

Today I'm reviewing GiggleTree Toys! GiggleTree is owned by the sweetest man named Walt. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee (LUCKKKKY, I know.. we'd love to live there but just could never make the move because of all the family we have here in California).  He has been crafting wooden toys for thirty years! He HANDCRAFTS them in his shop in Nashville and puts such heart and pride into the high quality of each of his creations.  

" The purpose of GiggleTree Toys is to foster creativity and imagination for the young and young at heart and I am lucky this brings me such great satisfaction. In my opinion, nothing is more important for a child than the opportunity to exercise their vivid imagination" - Walt Dula

He has all sorts of goodness on his Etsy shop! You MUST check it out (GiggleTree Toys click the link)

All items are NON-TOXIC, Hypoallergenic, all Reclaimed Solid wood, and finished with hand-rubbed Natural BeesWax!! 

Walt sent us some great items that I just couldn't wait to share with you all! He JUST created this adorable turtle that is colorful and vibrant and even Cash at 3 months old was infatuated and wanted to immediately pick it up and put it in his mouth.  I dont think this item is even out yet but it will be soon! We were so excited to test it, and we LOVED it! This little turtle comes with wooden wheels so when Cash is a bit bigger he'll be able to glide it across the floor (just like toy cars! and we know little boys love those!).  I felt so safe giving this over to the hands of my 3 month old.. i wasnt nervous at all about him chewing and sucking on every surface of the toy that he could find.  Even the paint is baby safe! I love the feeling of knowing im doing everything I can to protect my little angel from harm. And to know I can do that through giving him safe toys is just such an easy decision for me to make. Natural Wood toys are the way to go, especially at this age when everything goes into their mouths!

He also sent us an adorable Pterodactyl Dinosaur Wooden Toy. I love this because Im all about anything dino! I think dinosaurs are just he cutest and cant wait to teach Cash about when they inhabited our Earth & all the different types.  He can chew on this and play with his other toys with it. It'd also be a great gift for Christmas and you could even use it as a collectors item on a shelf in a childs room or nursery.  Its even finish with hand-rubbed NATURAL beeswax!! Can't get anymore baby friendly than that! I don't know about you but i'd way rather have my child chewing on natural products verses products that contain chemicals and plastic. Heres Canaan having some fun with the dino!

Canes making the dino fly ( ;

The last item he sent was for our little nephew Canaan. He just turned 1 so a walking grasshopper was the perfect little surprise for him to play with now that hes walking! This wooden grasshopper's appendages move as you pull the string! Its honestly the funniest and cutest thing to watch the boys get such a kick out of the grasshopper moving. Its too cute when Canaan see's it following behind him. They can also sit and play with it and pull on the legs etc.  These items are all very well made, safe, all reclaimed wood, non-toxic,  hypoallergenic products and safe for babies and kids of all ages.  They're durable and adorable! I highly recommend you check out his shop and all the wonderful little creatures he makes!

Again here is the link to his Etsy shop: GiggleTree Toys

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Your little would love to get their hands on these! Christmas is just next month so shop away!!


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