Monday, December 2, 2013

What We Wear: SCABIB, The All-In-One Scarf + Bib & A Discount

What We Wear: SCABIB, The All-In-One Scarf + Bib & A Discount!

Hey all, I wanted to tell you about these adorable Scarf bibs by SCABIB, yes thats right, i said bib and scarf!  We took these pics about a month ago & I have been dying to share with you all.  Trish, the owner of Scabib came up with this concept when she had her first baby boy and he was teething and drooling all over his outfits so she was constantly putting bibs on him (and lets be honest, most bibs clash with our little ones' style) so she decided to use her creativity and sewing skills to create this adorable and fashionable bib/scarf. Now our babies can stay dry, chew on it, and look good all at the same time.  

I cant get enough of this adorable checkered bib. It goes with just about everything and dresses up his little outfits.  I love a little baby in big boy clothes so these bibs are perfect! They velcro in the back (SOOOO EASY to put on) and are lined with soft terry cloth in the inside so they wont irritate your babies soft sensitive skin. Did I mention they are super absorbent?!

Get your littles one of these bibs, they are stylish, practical, and handmade with love! Christmas is this month so this is the perfect gift for your little one.

Check out her website here:  Scabib

And her Etsy shop here:Scabib

Trish was sweet enough to give my readers 15% off! 
All you need to do is click "contact shop owner" on the left side of her etsy shop page & let her know you are a reader from my blog.. she will manually give you the discount. Her coupon code has not been working, when Etsy fixes it I will update you all with the coupon code so its easier/quicker for you all.. Again, for now just contact her directly for the discount. Thanks ladies.

These babies range from $12-15 with an additional 15 % off.. thats a STEAL!!

Happy shopping ladies!


  1. Coupon code didn't work for me on either site! :-(

  2. I just emailed the owner of the shop and will let you know when she fixes it! So sorry about that!

  3. Thank you! Such a great gift for the holidays! :-)

    1. It should be working, i just spoke with Trish (the owner) and she said it is an active coupon code (: . We are big fans over here! I think you'll love it!

  4. I noticed that etsy has a velcro version vs. a plastic snaps version? any experience on the snaps version?

    1. Hi there, I am so sorry to not be able to give my input on this particular question. We have the velcro version.. i thought it was easier to put on and take off and also easier to wash with. I think its just a matter of preference. But try contacting the shop owner Trish, im sure she can give you more input or read some of her customer reviews. (: Good luck! you will love her bibs!