Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013 Recap:

Christmas 2013 Recap:

Sorry I have been gone a while, I was so busy with the holiday and then we went out of town the day after. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.

Christmas was perfection, we were able to spend time with both sides of our family and extended family. We celebrated Cash's first Christmas starting Christmas Eve by going to a wonderful church service with our families, Cash was an angel and didn't make a peep the entire service, he sat on my lap and watched and listened. We then went to my parents house and celebrated with dinner, opening gifts, and spending time together. Christmas morning I spent with my two boys, cuddling in bed, taking photos to store in our memories, and getting ready to go over to my in laws to spend the morning with them. We went over there around 8:30am after Cash's first nap and had such a wonderful time. We opened gifts while sitting by the fire, drinking coffee, and then headed out for the Armstrong anual Christmas scavenger hunt before brunch. The scavenger hunt is my FAVORITE tradition the Armstrongs do and I cannot wait to carry this on when our children grow older.  My in laws give the "first clue" in our stalkings and from there we hop in the car and drive to where the clue hints us towards.  The next place we end up is usually one of the family friends homes, we get to say merry christmas and say hello and usually it involves us having to sing or dance with a ridiculous hat on or do something hilarious to get the next clue. The next clue tells us where to go next, until four to five clues later we are told to head back home and there they usually have a big family gift waiting.  Its such a fun adventure and great for all of the kids (well, we are all adults now) to spend time together and get a good laugh.  This year we are going to Hawaii, what a wonderful and gracious gift from our parents! We are so thankful for their giving hearts and that they appreciate spending time with us.  Later in the day we went over to my sisters house where all of our family was. We were exhausted from a fun filled day and decided to head home by 4:00pm so we could rest up and pack for our family trip to Big Bear the following morning. We had such a nice Christmas, I think my favorite part was experiencing having  a child and how wonderful it is to give them gifts and create traditions. This year really made me think about how God gave us His only Son so we could have a relationship with Him.. i cant even imagine the pain that He must have gone through to sacrifice His sweet innocent child.. my heart was able ot understand that a little more this year with having my own son. And I am so grateful for that. Im pretty sure Cash's favorite part was opening the presents and playing in the tissue paper ( ;

Happy Birthday Jesus! 

My sweet niece Payten patiently waiting to open her gift.

Cash's favorite part of Christmas... the tissue paper

Thankful for these two beautiful souls

Helping my sweet little boy open his first EVER Christmas gift.

Christmas morning lovin.. i couldnt pick which one i liked best.. theyre all delicious..

 Look at this little model posing .. he's so hilarious.

These two together makes my heart so happy

Oh Cashy, you are just the best thing that has ever happened to us.

Uncle lovin! 

Loving that bubble wrap!

Helping Uncle Hunter open his gifts

The aftermath.. i bet my little boy would love to dive head first into this pile of fun

Beginning the Anual Christmas Scavenger hunt

Aunt Amy flew out from Colorado to spend Christmas with us this year. She is a firecracker and I love love love her! SHe is so fun spirited and absolutely hilarious!

Just one example of the cute little clues to the scavenger hunt

Those little feet, those beautiful blues, that sweet sweet face.. i just cannot get enough!

Christmas morning little photo shoot happening on mamas bed

My sweet parents with little boo at the end of the day on Christmas. 



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