Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve: Fixing My Eyes On Christ

Christmas Eve: Fixing My Eyes On Christ

Oh Christmas Eve, you couldn't have come at a better time..or worse time. There are some difficult things going on in my family right now, things that don't have to do with me but effect me and my little family, things that I have to be careful sharing in order to protect people I care about and their feelings. I try my best to be transparent and want so much for you all to know I'm not perfect, my family and extended family and their families are not either, nor are my friends and their families, and so on and so forth, and that's life. It's so easy to look at someone's life via social media and take one look at pictures and judge them or judge yourself. This isn't fair to them or to you. So I'm here today to share a little of my heart, my pain, and ask for prayer. I'm here today to share that I have struggles and heartbreak sometimes. I'm here to share how much you all mean to me and that your prayers are what I need right now because I believe God hears every single one.  And most importantly I'm here to share about my security, my hope, and my faith in Jesus Christ. And that is why today is so special, because although my heart is battling some wounds, it is also preparing itself for what Christmas means to me...so Christmas you have shown up in one of the hardest weeks of this year...and that saddens me for a split moment, I can dwell on how Christmas feels ruined,.. Or I can rise above and focus on what it's really about, Christ, and be thankful God is reminding  me that I'm in his grasp and He sent His son to free me of this burden.

Jesus, I praise you for all you have given me, all the love you pour into my heart and my life, all the hope you grace me with, the strength of your hands holding me up, the path you have led me to, the light you shine on my family, and the prayers you listen to over and over always hearing my cry. I pray today that my focus would be on you. Thank you for this community i get to be a part of, thank you for my family and my extended family, my friends and all of my loved ones. I thank you Lord, I thank you!

Pray for me in this season. If you need prayer I would love to know so I can keep you in mine.


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