Monday, December 9, 2013

Mighty Heart, Do Not Be Trampled With Fear

Mighty Heart, Do Not Be Trampled With Fear

This time of year can be so c-uuu-r-a-zaay and so anxiety provoking with all the stuff we need to get done, all the places we think we should or need to go, the holiday events we are invited and obligated to attend, and the money we are told we need to spend. Not to mention we are supposed to carry on with normal life, working, being a parent, a wife, maintaining our fellowship with others, and most importantly our walk with God, paying our bills, putting food and meals on the table, having enough down time to make sure we are practicing self-care, time for giving and serving, time for simply doing the day to day stuff like taking a shower, cleaning th dishes, and doing the laundry.  My oh my it can get overwhelming pretty quickly.

One of the many reasons I enjoy blogging is for days like this when I need a reality check... A moment of reflection. I start writing when I feel stress coming on, or a heavy load that begins to burden me. And in the process of writing I often figure out exactly what i need to do, or in other words, get rid off or clean out! Sometimes the cleaning out part is my HEAD. Ha! Some of you may know I'm a counselor, and I often advocate journaling to my clients. In othe words, writing out your thoughts... It helps us process in a whole new helps us see whats going on up in our brain in a clear picture on paper.. It's therapy with just you, yourself.. Alone, being still.

 I like to practice what I preach and I also believe in being transparent. I am a bit overwhelmed lately.. I'd say the past two weeks have left a trail of anxiety and stress building in my bones and im here today to clear it out. I want to trust my heavenly father in all areas of my life, even the ones I feel burdened and weighed down by. I need to practice child-like faith and believe he is taking care of me always. He walks before me, so why does my heart still fear? Why does my head still worry? Why does my body feel tense with stress?i must be losing sight of Him. As hard as that is to say out loud, publicly.. I must not trust Him e n o u g h, "oh ye of little faith". Don't we all do this? Don't we all have those areas in our lives that we want to subconsciously hoard to ourselves and not hand them over with trusting hearts to our Lord?  You know, some say that being religious is easy,that its a crutch for the weak. I think being in a relationship with God and trusting Him, having blind Faith is the most difficult decisions to make in's difficult because by nature we are sinful, and we are taught By this fallen world to be self sufficient. So entrusting our lives to a God we cannot see or a God that is not tangible, a God that is ridiculed and put down by many, ..well, that takes courage and bravery.  

Faith is for the brave at heart.. The ones that know they are in desparate need of a Savior and can confess with their hearts that His love saves them. 

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