Friday, November 7, 2014

Safe Home Solutions: HOMage

 Safe Home Solutions: HOMage

Hey my people, oh how i have missed you all week! I have some good news to share, I have found a way to clean my new home that is safe for our little guy! I have always had a problem with using harsh products full of hazardous toxic chemicals, but now that I have a baby things have changed where I don't just have a problem with cleaning supplies, I fear the harm they can do to my little one. Our skin aborbs 60% or so of what we touch! AH! I don't know about you but I dont want my little one bathing in a tub that was cleaned with toxic chemicals! I also don't want to put food onto a counter that was cleaned with hazardous sprays, or have him touching our windows and then sticking his little fingers in his mouth. Its crazy to think about how much we already consume from our foods alone that are probably harmful, the last thing we need to do is add to that mess by spraying chemicals in the air of our homes.  Welcome our solution,.. HOMage

"HOMage is a concept that has been a long time in the making. We like things natural. We want our homes to feel happy, and breathe happy. Have you ever read the label of a big brand, chemical cleaning product? I mean, whoa. Not to mention the knock-you-out fumes that fill the house after a couple sprays on a surface that you might actually set some food on". - HOMage 

So here we have three sprays: Window cleaner made of Eucalyptus and Peppermint! (SMELLS AMAZING), Disinfectant spray made of Tea Tree and Lemongrass (i use this on all the surfaces Cash touches or plays on), All Purpose Cleaner made of citrus and clove (this one is strong, you can just smell that clove working away at cleaning your countertops! I love that!).  

*all homeopathic ingredients*

This package is for just $25 for all THREE! Or you can purchase them individually for $10.

Everything is made with love in their garage! Help support small businesses and keep your home safe and clean by purchasing your goods today! Thank you HOMage we love our bottles and will use them with care.

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