Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What We Wear: Humble Hilo

What We Wear: Humble Hilo

Hi all, i hope everyone has had a great week thus far, we have been so busy lately i feel like life is just going by so quickly! I have this feeling of restlessness where i feel like i have so much to do and not enough time to do it. It must be early nesting or something? Whatever it is, its good and bad. I get a lot of the fun stuff done but the things that i really  really need to do i keep putting off because of my lack of energy these days (pregnancy update post to come soon).  I am sooooo tired from being 32.5 weeks pregnant, third trimester is beating my bum! Anywho, one of the many things on my list of to do's is to share with you all some of the cute baby girl clothes ive been collecting for our sweet little lady on the way! Today i have SUCH A RAD brand to share with you. Humble Hilo.

Humble Hilo is a company that was started by two friends, Lauren and Erica, who share a passion for fashion and helping others!. Together they created beautiful bags, shoes and clothing created from Guatemalan textiles.  Humble Hilo creates job opportunities for Maya women and families living in poverty. They also give a portion of their profit to a hummanitarian organization called World Link Partners. This organization helps the Guatemalan people in 3 different projects: Infant and child nutrition, Literacy and Education and lastly Microfinance loans for women. With every item you buy youre supporting these families that are employed by them, as well as you get to choose which of the 3 projects your purchose will go towards supporting! HOW RAD IS THAT?! This is a company i can fully get behind. Find more info here.

"With more than 7 years spent in Guatemala working with non-profit organizations, we want to do more than just sell products; we want to create a change. We have traveled back to bring fashion-forward items to market. These unique items mix ancient techniques with modern style that will set you apart from the rest." -the lovely ladies of Humble Hilo.  They have hearts of gold and just want to help others in need.

I love this sweet little dress handmade and handwoven below and these leather sandals are probably my favorite sandals ive ever seen! 

With the purchase of JUST these $25 leather sandals, you can choose a portion of the proceeds to support one of the following humanitarian projects:
  • Nutrition: Feed a malnourished child 2 meals for 1 week
  • Microfinance: Provide a portion of a microcredit loan to a woman for the duration of 4 days
  • Literacy: Provide literacy classes for a woman for 3 weeks 

^^^these handmade/handwoven (by Guatemalan women) dresses come in sizes starting at 6months all the way up to 24 months. Traditional materials used: Huipil patch with blue corte fabric^^^

Please be sure to stop by their site and check them out ((HUMBLE HILO))
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  1. Sorry if this seems a bit creepy, but I came across your blog a while ago and just needed to tell you that I think you're such a wonderful person. It's so refreshing to see what an amazing mother you are, and I feel like you've become a role model to me in a way for what kind of person, and when I eventually reach that point, what kind of mother that I want to be. Your love for God, life, your family, and taking care of yourself are incredibly inspiring, and I love knowing that there are people like you out there. Okay, enough rambling! :)