Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What We Love: Buttermilk Babies

What We Love: Buttermilk Babies

Hey beauties, i started working on this post 10 days ago.. and look where we are now! I have my hands full these days with a newborn that needs me non stop and a teething two year old busy boy. I cant imagine how crazy life is going to get next month when i go back to work twice a week! Im putting together Layla's nursery tour post and a life with my new little one post to share for all of you who have been asking how im handling/managing things, and most frequently asked how we get out with two these days.  Thank you for being loyal followers and coming here to check in, i know i have been a little more absent these past few weeks with our new baby but we are getting into a rhythm with things and i will be posting more frequently here again shortly! 

Today i have Buttermilk Babies Swaddle blankies to share with you! I mean, this yellow one is perfect for boy or girl, and im loving how bright and playful it is! They have some pretty creative hilarious swaddle options, which i totally dig that theyre not all baby-ish and have more adult humor to them.  Im a swaddle blanket addict, as ive mentioned before, i love having options that match her outfit or what im wearing since i often am basically wearing the swaddle when i shield her little face from the sun with one when i wear in my wrap. I also go through so many a day, one that covers her carseat from the sun or her in my wrap (as i just mentioned) this is less sanitary so i dont like to put the same one on her, one for putting on her if shes cold, and then one at night to swaddle her in thats clean and hasnt touched a bunch of stuff when we're out for the day.  SO i need at least 3 a day, and we all know we are not doing laundry daily when i have so much going on, its more like every other day around here right now.  I have to say, these are the biggest swaddles we have ever had, theyre bigger then Aiden + Anias bamboo ones and just as soft! I have gone through my fair share of hard ones that feel like theyve been starched lol.  These are baby soft and huge so you can swaddle them up without trouble.  Take a peek over at their shop as well as down below to see some of the fun prints we chose.
^^^Animals with unicorn horns??? !!! yes please!^^^^

^^^because diamonds are a girls bestfriend! They have these in so many different colors too!^^^

^^^Hard to see in this pic i pulled from my IG, but this has a subtle light pink hoboglyphics print..hilarious! ^^^

^^^little skunk booties.. i mean, thats just too cute! ^^^

^^^I am loving this graffiti print, and that red color is so pretty^^^


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