Saturday, September 3, 2016

Summers Ending

Summers Ending:


I love living in Southern California, we have pretty smooth transitions season to season and for that im so grateful. I think it would be harder to let go of summer if i knew we were headed towards freezing cold weather where you dont want to leave being bundled up on the couch with hot cocoa. Im an outdoorsy girl and i get cabin fever pretty quickly, so the weather here is perfect for us. It gets just cold enough to wear sweaters and sip on cocoa but its also warm enough to be back at the beach by January and get away with wearing flip flops all year round if you wanted to.   Summer is now coming to an end in the next couple of weeks and Fall is just around the corner. Im excited for a new season and all thinks pumpkin and all the fun that the holidays bring, especially now having two kiddos that will reap all of the benefits.

Summer is always my favorite season and always feels the shortest. These next couple weeks we'll be sure to be soaking in the last of our beach days for a while and enjoying the sunshine.  Our anniversary is also coming up, September 22 and we are trying to think of something fun to do with the kids and also alone together.  Let me know if you guys have any fun ideas?! Also what is your favorite season and why?


^^^FIRST TIMER... 8.30.16 ^^^

  ^^^best buddies. it makes my heart so so dang happy. Best gift i could ever give them is each other.^^^

^^^When you roll to the beach straight from nap.. leggings. ha ^^^^

^^^backyard play^^^

^^^love wearing my babies^^^

^^^^cousins who are best buds^^^

  ^^^She wants to be IN the water and hanging with the big kids^^^^

Have a great holiday weekend!!

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  1. Lovely pics. :)

    Summer is my favourite season too and I alwaus feel a bit sad when autumn comes!I live in the UK and it can get really cold here in the winter but autumn is nice. That's cool you can wear flip flops a lot, I like it when it's hot enough to wear them here. "Flip flop weather"! lol.