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Easy Quick Healthy Meals

Easy Quick Healthy Meals

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Being a new mommy I dont always have time to cook a delicious healthy meal for my family. I am not one to want to eat out every night, not to mention how unreasonably expensive that would be.. so I have to come up with ways to make cooking work.  Here are just a couple simple ways i still manage to cook and eat healthy without spending hours (that i dont have) in the kitchen.

Last week I grilled up a slab of Trader Joe's Pollo Asada (its premarinated and its sooo good). I chopped up some leafy greens, avocado, onion, tomato, and cilantro.  Add a dallop of greek yogurt on the side (instead of sour cream) and top with shredded cheese and tortilla chips (or sweet potato or lentil chips to be a tad healthier). You can add some tapatio and squeezed lemon for flavor.  Or traders had a really good cilantro dressing.  Quick, easy, and good!

Lately I have been crazy Salmon in any form.. stuffed, grilled, teriyaki, garlic and lemon, you name it ill eat it.  Two delicious meals i've been making the past couple weeks are from trader joes (again of course). One is Tj's coucous and dill stuffed salmon and the other is TJ's spinach and feta stuffed salmon. OH and actually we've also had TJ's cajun seasoned salmon (a little too salty but REALLY good). I usually cook it in EVOO ( you could use coconut oil for the flavor as well) and I add fresh squeezed lemon while cooking it and after.  Heat up a bag of TJ's brown rice (takes 3 minutes..remember people, we are talkiing QUICK meals ..i know the microwave isnt the best option but I didnt have an hour to wait for rice to cook).  And then choose a go to with rice and fish is usually broccoli (top with a little fresh parmesan and you are good to go).

Heres the spinach and feta stuffed salmon (comes with 2 slices of salmon) brown rice and broccoli.

Ready in 3 minutes

A pic of the Salmon stuffed with couscous & dill

Last night we had Linguine with Clam Sauce from Trader Joe's.  This is such an easy meal to was missing vegetables so i added a whole bag of steamed spinach to the mix as well as some grilled chicken with some red pepper flakes, parmesan, and fresh minced garlic.  I grilled the chicken in EVOO.  This meal took less than 15 minutes to make and was delicious if you are crazy pasta (i was in the mood for Fall so something warm sounded good). You could also add sauteed tomatos, onion, red peppers or broccoli to add in some more veggies.  

 Serves 3

Use an entire bag of baby spinach


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