Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One Year Wedding Anniversary

One Year Wedding Anniversary

Heres a glimpse of our special day.. Its so wonderful to go back and look at our photos and relive it!

 Our entire wedding party and guests prayed over us

Reciting his vows

 The moment he first saw me

 I love the way he looks at me..it makes me melt

 He surprised me by writing me a song and having the DJ play it at the end of the night.. and took me onto the dance floor for a spin

First communion as a married couple

 Our first dance to "One and Only" by Adele

 This sunset was unreal.. everyone said it was the most gorgeous sky they've ever seen. Taylor and I both felt that it was Gods sweet way of affirming our marriage.. we felt so blessed by this beautiful sky, Jesus was right there with us.

 A sobbing mess walking down the aisle to the man I waited my whole life for.

 Exchanging rings
 Kissing my groom!

I was so happy to see him. We locked eyes and I never looked away.

 I couldnt help but cry tears of joy while telling him how much he means to me & promising myself to him for eternity.

 Mr & Mrs Armstrong

 We had the best night of our lives celebrating

I cannot believe we've been married for a year (September 22 2012)! I feel like it flew by because of the pregnancy and having little Cashy.  Its been a heck of a year and one full of blessings and HUGE changes.  A year ago we made vows and promised each other nothing short of forever.  I only love you more today than a year ago my sweet husband.  Each day my love grows deeper for different reasons, so many reasons.  You have shown me how our love is steadfast, it is patient, it is kind, it is humbling, it is a breath of fresh air, it is hard at times, it is work at times, but it is fun and it is playful, it is special and supernatural, it is holy and wonderful, it is pure, it beats any hardship, it fights for us, it is beautiful, it is happiness, it endures all things, it is everything 1 Corinithians 13 speaks of.. it is my hope. Our love keeps me afloat, our love is something i can have faith in every day that no matter what happens we will survive by loving each other and leaning on Christ. Thank you for loving me in a way i've never experienced. Thank you for becoming one flesh with me and taking on everything that I am as a woman. Thank you for being my best friend, my greatest supporter, my advocate and encourager, and my other half.  Thank you for standing by my side through the first year, when everyone knows the first year is usually the hardest.  We've gone through so many life changes this year from careers, to dreams, to being newlyweds, living together, to getting pregnant, and becoming first time parents. The key is, we did it TOGETHER. And thats what I want for the rest of my life no matter where the road takes me I want to be with you, doing it TOGETHER.  I believe Jesus made you just for me and I for you. You are my perfect match Taylor Holland Armstrong, and now you have blessed me with the most perfect special little boy and you both have just stolen my heart & wrecked it in the best way possible. I am yours forever & always. Not even death shall part me from you. 

Heres to many more years, many more memories, fighting for our love and living life abundantly together in Christ. I love you my sweet sweet husband.


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