Friday, April 25, 2014

Our Baby Boy Is 9 Months Old!

Our Baby Boy is 9 Months Old!

My sweet boy, you are 9 months!! How does this happen?! I blink and you are a month older. The number scares me more so than seeing you grow. Seeing you change and transform into a mobile, light hearted, silly, bright little baby is the best reward each day. I think I need to get over this whole idea that each month that number goes up that all of the sudden you won't be my sweet little baby anymore. I mean, you just get better and better.nit literally kills me when You smile at me when you spot me from across the room. I melt into a puddle when you crawl into my lap, you want me, your mama & you make that so clear all throughout the day as you lean out of whoevers arms are holding you into mine. I love how much you love mama. I know it's selfish, but Im okay being selfish when it comes to you. Daddy & I play tug-a-war with each other & playfully argue over who gets to go swoop you up out of your crib after a nap. We take turns holding you when we go on family adventure dates. We each want to be the one who makes you smile and laugh until you squirm. You are the best part of us, I can't believe together we made you. 
A lot has changed this past month. You are mobile in every sense of the word! You can sit yourself up from a laying down position (& that has been your favorite thing to do when mommy lays you down for a nap..sigh), you love to try to pull yourself up onto your knees and try to stand, we hold your hands and you do pretty well at standing with a little support, you army crawl all day long quicker than mama can chase you, you are so busy and into everything (especially wires, ropes, strings, anything hanging &, you get on all fours and go a couple feet to get something in front of you but then to go the distance you go back to crawling on your tummy, you point your little finger at everything so we are starting to teach you what things are called (this week we are learning "leaf", "flower", "bird", & body parts like "tummy" & "nose" , not sure how much you're picking up quite yet), you are eating table foods like corn and peas and noodles along with puréed foods, breast milk Is still your favorite and I'm okay with that because it's our boding time & oh so healthy for you, you have learned so many social ques it's as though I'm hanging with a little dude all day and not just a baby, you have taken interacting to a whole new level of fun! 
We love you sweet boy. You are the most special tiny human & life is so beautiful with you in it. 

^^no excited for shots at his 9 month check up..but he sure does make a cute scared face^^

^^^"Mama, You can't work out when im down here crawling in between machines"^^^

^^^the bond these two have together makes my heart so full^^^

^^^watching as mama and daddy play "h.o.r.s.e" at the park^^^

^^^a little Easter fun i'll show more of later^^^

 ^^^At the San Diego Zoo having fun with his best friend Mikey & the parental gang of course^^^

^^^this is the adorable proud face he makes when he stands^^^^

 ^^^ MY happy place right here^^^

^^^my world in one picture^^^

^^^trying some multigrain waffles and almond butter.. table foods are so much fun!^^^



  1. He is so perfectly handsome! And you are such a good mommy!

    1. Aw thank you Ash, you are so sweet to say that, and yes he is the most handsome little guy i've ever laid eyes on.. not that im biased or anything '( ;

  2. Woooooooooow Mashallah verry cute