Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What We Wear: Starry Knight Design + 15% Off Discount Code

What We Wear: Starry Knight Design

Hi mamas, I'm back after a little weekend break, we had a blast going to the zoo with our best friends and visiting with family. My father in law is in the hospital for an infection so prayers for him would be so appreciated and kind of you ladies.  I love having you all as my mama community, its so nice to have this space where i can pour out my heart and connect with other people who feel the same way or understand me in some form. I appreciate each of you and love hearing from you so thank you for the outpour of love last week, it was so nice to get to know you guys and to hear from my readers. That is why I blog and I get so excited to hear about your lives as well!

I wanted to share with you this ADORABLE designer's shoe line, Starry Knight Design creates the cutest and most unique baby and kid moccasins that i have yet to see! Moccosins are all the rage right now and I don't think this trend is going anywhere because they are so adorable and so comfortable and sensible for our littles.  Starry Knight Design offers 40+ fun and colorful designs for every style you could imagine. You must check out Melanie's shop! She's been making these unique leather soft-soled shoes since 2008!

These are made from re-purposed leather and have custom dyed suede with an elastic sewn backing so they fit perfectly snug on your little without hurting their little feetsies. Check out these Rust Red fringe moccs she sent Cash. These are my new favorite shoes, I just love a pop of red and anything rustic looking!

Scroll down for 15% off Coupon Code just for my readers, get to it soon because the offer ends in 3 days!

Coupon Code: TESSA15  Runs for the next 3 days!!
Starry Knight Design Shop Here

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Moccasins c/o Starry Knight Design

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