Sunday, October 12, 2014

Life Lately Via My Camera Roll:

Life Lately Via My Camera Roll:

Life this past month or two has been so much fun. We have are definetly going out of summer with a bang! Fall weather has not offically began yet so we are still hitting the beach hard.  We have had birthdays, weddings and some date nights and boys/girls night outs that have been quite fun the past couple of months.   Since im no longer doing monthly updates on Cash (don't worry ill do them every few months still), just to fill you in on this little dude lately: hes been walking since 13.5 months about a month ago, he says "mama, dada, keys, Cash, cheese, this, that, hot, wawa (water), hieee (hi), huu see (horsie), bubbles, ball, nana, he tries to say doggie but hes not quite there yet it sounds more like dada, he sings "ee na, ee na" for "clean up clean up".. the song, current word today he was trying to say was "eyes", and im sure there are a couple others im forgetting or we still have not deciphered what they are yet lol.  For the words above he can say them really well and most people know what hes trying to tell them. Its so sweet because he says hi to everyone and it is literally the cutest voice you have ever heard (@tessaarmstrong8, video posted on instagram of him saying hi).    He points to everything still, he is sleeping 12 hours at night still 7pm to 7am, takes 2 naps that are each 1.5-2 hours long and is quite possible transitioning to just 1 nap soon, he loves to water the grass at our new home, his new favorite thing is drawing on everything (i.e. the walls, the floor, every piece of paper and toy he can find and even little kids at the park haha) ..don't worry he doesnt realize i close off the colored pencil so nothing really comes out.  Today he thought he was coloring with my chapstick. He cracks us up every single day.  He has learned where his eyes, nose, head, mouth, peepee, boobies, and belly button are.  

^^^he talks to the fishies every time we walk past this wall to the beach (hat by Of One Sea)^^^

^^^stealing bread from the grocery bag^^^

^^^learning to surf in the pool^^^

^^^my hot date and i heading out to celebrate my mamas 55th birthday^^^

^^^boys will be boys^^^

^^^will these windows ever be clean? ha.^^^

The cutest little tee perfect for Fall c/o Whistle & Flute. If you follow us on instagram you know that Cash is their new brand rep (;

^^^church'n with my gang^^^

^^^slide rides are the best^^^

^^^he hurt his lip AGAIN.  He fell face first on concrete but visiting with great Nana all afternoon made it all better^^^

^^^more Whistle & Flute panda must get your hands on some of their goodies^^^

^^^we are fishie obsessed over here.. oh yes thats another one of his sweet little words^^^

^^^snackin and relaxin on his papa^^^

^^^celebrating our sweet friends wedding day^^^

^^^our little bunny Grey came out to visit with his pretty mama in August and we had so much special time with them (moccs c/o Starry Knight Design)^^^


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