Thursday, October 2, 2014

Welcoming Fall: Solutions or Surrendering?

Welcoming Fall: Solutions or Surrendering?

Happy October!! I love the Fall and I'm so excited that it is October and we get to decorate, make pumpkin spiced everything, and light up the seasonal candles that make our home smell so delicious you could eat the air.  Theres been a lot going on lately with the move, redoing our kitchen, my husband about to switch jobs, and just life in general being busy and full of surprises. I've received some emails from you guys about my lack of blogging recently, and I do apologize for my absence, I will do a couple posts soon on recent updates for all that life has thrown our way this past month or so soon! Hold tight (:

I've been doing some reflecting lately and really feeling like I've been too focused on things that arent important and less focused on what is, my walk with God. I have felt sort of like I've been in a desert, a desert I slowly put myself in by not keeping my eyes on Jesus. I learned years ago, if Satan can't make you bad, he'll make you busy. Well, busy is always where the enemy gets me. Even if I'm not that busy, my mind creates busy work and things to worry about that need resolution. I'm a worrier by nature, a problem solver, and do-er, a go getter, I get things done.. its both a gift and a curse.  When I'm worried it means im not trusting. When I am solving everything on my own with my head down then how am I surrendering? Im overly self-sufficient sometimes. It hurts me because we are meant to lean on God daily, moment by moment in all of our decisions and especially in the areas we feel fearful in. A lot of times i'll try to find an answer or resolve something my way because I suppose I think its quicker or it seems easier that way?  When really God is showing me I need to get on my knees, pray and then trust Him with it.  So today I am on my knees. Today I know I don't have all the answers. Today I trust and today I believe that He is sovereign over all the details of my life big or small. 

It is always my hope that by sharing in my struggles and being transparent we can feel connected to one another and know we are not alone in the struggles of life.  By sharing my heart I pray you find peace knowing Jesus is the answer always.  

^^^His best spooky face!^^^

^^^two tiny pumpkins^^^

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