Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Catalina: Family Reunion Recap

 Catalina: Family Reunion Recap

Wow! I can't believe its been two weeks since i've blogged! Thats probably the longest i've gone in years. Anywho, I intended to post this Catalina family reunion recap a long time ago back in August when we went but at least I'm getting around to it right?! Playing catch up is what life seems to be about these days. My list of to dos is never ending and always growing it seems. We are currently all moved in, almost 2/3's unpacked and everythings coming together. The kitchen remodel is finished and there are no more workers coming in and out and i can say a big AMEN to that. Having a baby who likes to play and wants to go outside while you have to stay in all day with strangers in your home, well its not a fun scenerio.  Glad that is over and so happy with all of the finishing touches, ill share more on that soon. 

Back to Catalina, we went with a big gang of us. My mom has 5 sisters and most of them have kids, and some of those kids now are married and have kids, like myself, so this was so much fun and full of cousin and second cousin and third cousin lovin! We had the best time hanging out at the beach together, lounging around the cabanas and going kayaking, snorkling, and of course eating.  At night we went out to dinners and the little ones did great with staying up past bed time.  One night my sister's and I had our little cousins (who are now teenagers) babysit our littles so we could have a fun night out on the town. We went to kareoke and listened to a fun cover band in the square. It was so much fun to get some adult time with my siblings and extended family. My Nana is the reason we take these reunion trips each summer. My mom and her plan everything and make it easy for all of us with kids. They do such a great job of putting together fun events, like volleyball games and bbq's.  We are so grateful that family means so much to them and they have instilled those same beliefs and values in us.

^^^Misty is Cash's oldest cousin, and she is the sweetest little girl we could ever dream of^^^

^^^Of course the kiddos stop and dance for the street musicians^^^

^^^my sis and her little muffin^^^

^^^These cute little dear would let you come right up to them^^^

^^^Golf cart rides everywhere were a hit with this guy and all the cousins^^^

^^^BBQ'N and dancin with papa^^^

^^^underwater submarine was so much fun for the kids^^^

^^^our condo views were unreal!!^^^

^^^This is JUST my family and Nana.. we have grown quite big adding in our handsome husbands and babies. My brothers girlfriend is a doll and soon to be part of the family^^^

^^^Im pretty sure you can tell the by look on my face that kareoke is my jam"

^^^We are all July babies, myself, my husband, and my brother in laws birthdays are all within 4 days of each other. And then of course little baby Cash is a week ahead of us in July too! So we celebrated with Mexcian food (what else!) and cake!

^^^...and some toasting^^^

^^^We had a big condo with my sister, her husband and their little guy whos 8.5 months older than Cash. Every morning these guys would attack my hubby and were so adorable playing together^^^

^^^Our cute little balcony^^^

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